Spring Break Advice you Actually Want to Hear

Spring break is coming up, which for many of us means a week of fun with your friends, whether it be partying on a sunny beach somewhere, seeing the sights on an awesome road-trip or just taking the time to chill out for a few days in some semi-exotic location. No doubt, you've have been awash with advice on how to stay safe during this time of alcohol-fuelled revelry. Of course this is extremely important: never leave a drink unattended, be aware of where your friends are and watch your money and possessions. However, Her Campus Southern Miss is here to provide you with an alternate spring break survival tip list, one that should help you have THE BEST spring break ever.

Meet New People

Now this is probably guaranteed to happen anyway, but it’s one of the best parts of being surrounded by hundreds of people your own age! In such a close environment with collegiettes from across the U.S., you’re bound to make a few connections. Make a special effort to create some bonds, add each other on facebook, and who knows you might land yourself with some guaranteed couches to stay on all over the country.


As tempting as it is to stay in your resort bouncing from bed to pool to party, it can be very rewarding to stray a bit further afield. Whether you want to experience a bit of culture, find the best place to eat or see where the locals really go for fun, there is a lot to be gained by asking around and investing in a short car or bus journey.

Try Something New

If your spring break destination is a bit further afield, it can be a great opportunity to try something new, taste a local delicacy (or drink), or party in a local bar or club and dance how the natives do. If your destination doesn’t offer anything quite as exotic, why not make it a point to give something you’ve never tried a go? A lot of major destinations are located on the beach, which means there are opportunities to try plenty of fun activities like jet skiing or scuba-diving.

Lose Your Inhibitions

By all means be careful and stay diligent, but spring break is a time to let loose and have fun. Want to wear a ridiculous outfit on a night out? Go for it. Want to spend a whole day doing nothing but lying on the beach? Go for it. (Just don’t forget the SPF.) Think those guys playing volleyball are hotter than anything? Grab a couple of friends and join in! You’re only there for a few days, so be confident and do what you’ve always wanted to.

Whatever you do, relax and enjoy yourself. If you're not the sort who goes all-out every night, then don't. If you are, then embrace that and do it. Don't feel pressured by what others think of you or how they think you should spend spring break. It's all about you and your friends having a great time together.