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Reid Harrison ’12

Be on the look out for this week’s Campus Cutie. He shouldn’t be too hard to find. How can you ignore that smile and those eyes?

Name: Reid Harrison
Hometown: Clinton, MS

Major: I’m studying Nursing, but I plan to go on to Physical Therapy school.
Classification: Senior ‘12

Relationship status: single
Interests: Sigma Phi Epsilon, reading, eating, listening to music, sports, and going to the gym

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Celebrity crush: Jessica Alba

Perfect first date: My perfect date would be something casual like cooking dinner or going to a movie. I would want to do something where we could talk, and I could get to know her.

What impresses you most about a girl when you first meet her: Her smile, how she carries herself in public, and if she can keep a conversation(not trashy)

Favorite Pick Up line: I don’t really use pick-up lines. I just go with the flow.
Biggest turn off in a girl: My biggest turn off is when she is conceited and superficial.

Three Words that describe you: introspective, athletic, outgoing
Most likely spotted at: the Frat house and Payne Center

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