The Pros and Cons of Pinterest

Pinterest is a fantastic site to get ideas from. Ideas like what to make for dinner, what DIY craft to do next, different ways to decorate your home, how to style your outfits, the best makeup tips to try. The list goes on.

What seems to be the case with most of us, however, is we pin all the things and then promptly forget about them. Case in point: I made a board of things called “Pin now; read later.” Suffice it to say I never got around to reading later.

Chalk it up to not having enough hours in the day to do all those things. We just get a little satisfaction from having all of our favorite things at our disposal on one website.

Here are a few pros and cons of Pinterest you can probably relate to.

Pro: So many delicious food recipes.

Con: I just spent too much time pinning things on Pinterest, so there’s no time to make any of those delicious recipes.

Pro: Creative decoration ideas for the home.

Con: Most of these decorations are probably expensive, or just out of reach. If my pin boards are any indication, I doubt I will ever obtain a grand piano to be modified into a bookcase. It would be nice, though.

Pro: Amazing crafts for every occasion.

Con: This picture explains it perfectly:

Pro: Cute outfit ideas.

Con: Really, when will I ever have the occasion to wear an extravagant ball gown? Most of these gorgeous outfits are just not reasonable enough to wear more than once, or they are extremely expensive.

Pro: Vacation planning.

Con: It’s just not that simple. Some of the places I pin don’t even exist. For example, Hogwarts and Rivendell. The closest you can get is Orlando, Florida and maybe New Zealand. Which those might be amazing vacation spots, but still. If only those places really existed.

I challenge you to do at least one thing you've pinned on your Pinterest page, be it a craft you've always wanted to make, a recipe you've always wanted to try, or even an outfit you've been coveting. Do the best that you can. At least if nothing else comes of it, you can finally say you've done something from your Pinterest boards!