Lucas Gandy: Videographer

Meet Lucas Gandy, Mize, Miss.,  a junior speech pathology student and videographer for The University of Southern Mississippi Athletic Department. Lucas gives Her Campus the spill on life and his success as a videographer.

Give me the basics.
HC:  Walk me through a week in the life of Gandy, Lucas Gandy(James Bond's voice). How much time do you spend around a camera?
Lucas:  I work for USM’s Athletic Department. I signed a contract that requires me to be at every home game in all sports to help record, stream and get highlights. I’m also an
RA(Resident Assistant) for McCarty Hall, so I’m always on campus. My life revolves around Southern Miss.
HC:  How long have you been shooting, editing and producing videos?
Lucas:  I created my YouTube channel in 2007 but I’ve been fascinated with video cameras all my life. YouTube search: The Life of Lucas Gandy.
HC:  You capture everything from weddings to sporting events. Is there anything you don't shoot?
Lucas:  Recently I’ve been asked numerous times if I record music videos. Truth is: I’m just too busy and most people don’t understand that a 3-minute video can take days-weeks to make.
Let's dig deep.
HC:  What was the "aha" moment that encouraged you to take videography more seriously?
Lucas:  I noticed anytime I would post a video (especially to Facebook), people seemed to enjoy it. Lucas Gandy: Story Time accumulated 3,738 views in only 2 weeks. Knowing that people are watching encourages me to make more. I guess you can say I can be an attention hog sometimes. Ha! I also realized that there aren’t many people out there who do what I do, and I believe a lot of it is because video-editing software can be intimidating.
HC:  I see you're studying speech pathology. Why not study film or media production if you enjoy videography so much?
Lucas:  I’ve had this question asked several times so I might as well get this out there. Many people never knew that I had major hearing problems growing up; I had to undergo several surgeries and speech therapy. This affected me socially and academically. In fact, I wasn’t supposed to even make it this far. I knew speech pathology was an incredibly challenging field; and it turns out it is! I have only one year left, then grad school. I can see myself working with stroke patients and those with dysarthria. Growing up, I spent many years volunteering for The American Red Cross. Life is simply more meaningful when you help others. Although I love videoing, I feel that it’s more enjoyable as a hobby.
Mr. Popular, huh?
HC:  I noticed that you have quite a bit of views on YouTube. Are you more interested in becoming a YouTube star or a professional videographer?
Lucas:  I absolutely love the views! However I have noticed that there are more people that like to watch rather than comment on my videos. (But I do the same thing.) Knowing that people are watching is the biggest motivator. I have been trying new things to see what people like. I don’t really care to be famous, but I do want to leave my own little mark on the web. I mainly record all of my little adventures for my new acquaintances. Instead of telling them “where I’ve been, what I’ve done and what I’m like” I show them. It’s like they can instantly catch up with everything they have missed out on in their absence.
HC: You also have a considerable amount of Twitter followers. Do you think it's a result of your videos?
Lucas:  Absolutely! I place a link to my Twitter account in every video; in hopes of building a fan base. Twitter helps me connect to my viewers on a daily basis. It
also helps others stay in the loop of what I’m up to.
HC: While we're on the subject, care to explain the motivation behind your cone-ing video?
Lucas:  I love to make people laugh. So when I saw the original Cone-ing video, I felt that I had to be the first to try it in my town before everyone else figured out what it was. (like cashiers) haha, my video was circulated and one of the cashiers decided to add me as a friend on Facebook. 
HC:  Have you ever won any awards or received special recognition for any of your work?
Lucas:  About a year ago, YouTube offered to put ads on my videos for money. After six months I decided to do away with it because ads can truly take away from the
viewer’s experience. And ads can be simply annoying.
HC:  Besides videography, what are some of your other hobbies or special talents?
Lucas:  I like to eat! My favorite unhealthy foods: Kit Kats, Starbucks and sushi. I can play any instrument I can get my hands on. I enjoy camping, traveling, hammocking and simply being around my friends and family.
HC:  Any advice for aspiring videographers?
Lucas:  Save yourself some time and buy a Mac. That is all.
The future.
HC:  Where do you see your career in 5 years?
Lucas:  I will be working with people that have speech problems. My YouTube account will still be active; and probably loaded down with home family videos. 
HC:  Can you see yourself producing documentaries? What's your favorite?
Lucas:  Absolutely! I’m actually documenting my time here at Southern. I love documentaries, but not the kind that just throw a bunch of information at you. I like to see adventure type documentaries; to feel allied with the character and see how they act within the new environments they discover.
The past.
HC: What was one of your most exciting or memorable shoots?
Lucas: I went with some friends to document the BP oil spill and we experienced some pretty crazy occurrences! Afterwards, we swung by New Orleans on our way home.
Enough about videography.
HC:  what are some of your other hobbies or special talents?
Lucas:  I like to eat! My favorite unhealthy foods: Kit Kats, Starbucks and sushi. I can play any instrument I can get my hands on. I enjoy camping, traveling, hammocking and simply being around my friends and family.
HC: Who or what inspires you?
Lucas: I haven’t met her yet.

Photo sources: Lucas Gandy