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Kick Around Campus with Kickboard Scooters

Scenario A: You need to get to class, but you don’t want to lose that rare parking spot you have on campus, even though it seems light years away from your classes. Time is ticking. Walking simply won’t get you there fast enough.

Scenario B:  It’s a nice day outside, and you want to enjoy the breeze. You wouldn’t mind rolling out of bed and rolling all the way to class. 

What to do: Kick around campus with kickboard scooters!

This month, the Her Campus Southern Miss chapter had the opportunity to try out the Kick White Scooter provided by Kickboard Campus. After watching the “Ridin Dirtay” Campus Kickboard video by the Her Campus executive team, I couldn’t contain the excitement of reliving my childhood past time, riding around on a scooter!

The particular scooter that we used is the White Kick by Kickboard USA. It was sleek, not too heavy, smooth riding and definitely portable. Plus, it comes with a 1 year warranty. While no assembly is required, the first unfold of the scooter was a little tricky. Fortunately, we had our “honorary members” (the nice guys from Event Services) not too far away.  After finally getting it set up, we found it to be very easy to ride. However, I think the guys from event services rolled around on it more than us!

Kickboard USA is the US distributor for the Swiss company Micro Mobility.

The kickboard scooters are portable and ideal for apartments/dorms. It takes up less space than a bike, and it doesn’t pollute the air like a gasoline operated vehicle. You don’t have to even lock it up. Just fold it and take it to class! Her Campus Southern Miss will be giving away a brand new Kick White scooter to one lucky reader. More details coming soon.

To find out more about the kickboard scooters, get connected with Kickboard Campus online: FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest

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Crystal Garner

Southern Miss

Crystal Garner is a sophomore at the University of Southern Mississippi studying Broadcast Journalism and Computer Science. She is the Campus Correspondent and Editor-In-Chief for the Southern Miss Chapter of HerCampus.com, the on-air host of Southern Miss Today at WUSM 88.5, a Campus Editor at Uloop.com, a former English TV/Africa production intern at Voice of America, and an ambassor for Freshmansupport.com. She enjoys writing, reporting, and traveling. Her work has been publish by USA TODAY, Huffington Post, Uloop.com, and local newspapers in her hometown of Meridian, Miss. She hopes to one day serve as an international correspondent.  Keep up with her at Shesagarner.com
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