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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Southern Miss chapter.
This week I got to meet an intriguing individual by the name of Jasmin Baxter. Jasmin is a 19-year-old sophomore here at Southern Miss. Speaking of Southern Miss, Jasmin is one of our very own Southern Misses.
   For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Southern Misses, the Southern Misses are a prestigious group of young women brought together through dance. They perform at numerous sports events during the school year. Not only is she a member of an elite dance team, but the best part about Jasmin is that she is single! But she’s not just looking for anyone, though. She, just like about every other single girl out there these days, is looking for none other than a southern gentleman. 
  Jasmin says any man who enjoys long walks on the beach, watching a movie or two, and who can put up with her occasional out-of-the-shower singing is someone she looks forward to meeting. Although meeting a guy who shares the same interests as her may be in her future goals, it is not the only thing she looks forward to.
Baxter is an athletic training major. She hopes to one day become the head athletic trainer at the New Orleans Saints facility and if that doesn’t work out, (no pun intended) she hopes to do anything that involves helping people. Jamsin is a sweetheart and any guy she meets will be lucky to have her by his side, I’m sure. If you’re on the lookout for Jasmin Baxter after reading this, just ask Seymour. I’m sure he can help you.