Holiday Outfit Ideas

Christmas time brings with it a whole host of events that are the perfect excuse to get a new outfit, from Greek Life formals and academic banquets to reuniting with old friends on a night out back home and family get togethers it’s a hectic time for anyone’s social calendar. It can be tricky to know what to wear when so here a few suggestions for cute, on-trend outfits for the season.

Dressing Up

If your headed to some sort of Christmas party that requires something a bit special then it’s a great chance to be a bit more adventurous with your outfit. The holidays are a great time to try sequins, lace and other dramatic details. This gold sequined dress is perfect for a winter cocktail party, and a pair of black boots makes a great accompaniment so as to keep attention on the dress.

Family Occasion

The holidays are a time for family so you’ll no doubt be seeing a few relatives this break. Family gatherings call for a more toned down outfit that covers a bit more so as to avoid any disapproving looks from older family members. This long sleeve dress is modest but still stylish and simple sandals keep the look elegant.

Out With Friends

The Christmas break is a great time to catch up with old school-friends and go out to your old haunts, but of course you want to look great as well as have fun! This occasion is more casual so a nice sweater and pretty shorts make a great combination, team with some dark boots to toughen the look up a bit and you have the perfect outfit.