Campus Cuties: Sherowin Clemons Jr.


This week, Her Campus caught up with Sherowin Clemons Jr, a single cutie with a way with words.

Name: Sherowin D. Clemons Jr.

Major: Double Major in Mathematics and Computer Science

Hometown: Meridian, Mississippi

Classification: Junior

HC:  What is an average day like for you?

Sherowin:  Every hour of every day is full of activities for me, so there is never a moment of any day where I do not have something to do. Positive results that come from this is that I stay proactive, but the negative of this is making time a precious commodity. There are very few things I value more than time.

HC:  What do you do to rewind?

Sherowin:  I have many activities that keep me leveled throughout the week. On average, I pick something good from a list of movies I have yet to see, and let my mind be lost for 2 hours. Another stress reliever for me is taking a pen to paper for several hours and writing my thoughts out. Sometimes they form stories on their own and become poems, short stories or songs.

HC:  What is your favorite hobby?

Sherowin:  I go to the game center of the student union and play pool almost every day.

HC:  What do you look for in a significant other?

Sherowin:  Undoubtedly, a heavy emphasis is put on conversation, and how strong the interaction is vocally not electronically. I need to know she cares to talk to me as much as she would to her phone. Face-to-face interaction is more important to me than texts or a phone call. A person’s expressions speak louder than their words.

HC:  What would by your dream vacation?

Sherowin:  I would like to spend an entire summer abroad in Europe traveling to countries apart of the European Union: England, Scotland, Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy, Paris, etc.

HC: What makes you smile?

Sherowin:  It is very easy to make me smile -- anything from jokes, social interactions, or a Doritos commercial.

HC:  What animal best describes you?

Sherowin:  It’s worth noting that my favorite animal is not the animal that most describes me. The animal I most emulate is a hawk because it soars above all obstacles, travels to many places never settling for one area and  has a very acute eyesight that lets it observe it’s surroundings and make the best judgments.

HC:  What is something most people don’t know about you?

Sherowin:  I really love and enjoy films. I watch everything from horror action, animation and foreign to comedy, dramas, silent, black and white and documentaries. I have a very extensive knowledge of cinema throughout each decade and its actors and directors.

HC:  Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Sherowin:  By that time, I will have a career I can be proud of in a large city with comfortable living conditions. I hopte to have a family, but it remains to be seen.

HC:  What is your ultimate goal?

Sherowin:  I don't want to ever lose my individualism for the sake of others, it is truly the only way I continue to live in control of my own life.

HC:  How would you like to leave Southern Miss better than you found it?

Sherowin: I would create more opportunities for students to connect with alumni, and help with employment search and job security after graduation.

HC:  Who is your inspiration?

Sherowin:  It's a tie between Nikola Tesla and Bob Marley. Their backstories and what they stood for as individuals is truly remarkable and worthy of admiration.

HC:  What celebrity are you most attracted to?

Sherowin:  This may sound somewhat humorous and confusing, but I have always had an attraction to Kat Dennings. It’s even harder for me to explain why I find her to be a beautiful woman. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Photos courtesy of Sherowin Clemons