Campus Cutie: Muhammad Javed

Her Campus caught up with Campus Cutie Muhammad Javed, a student inspired by himself to succeed. 

Name:  Muhammad Javed

Year:  Junior

Age: 20

Relationship Status:  Single

Hometown:  Newark, New Jersey

HC:  What is an average day like for you?

Muhammad:  I would really call an average day for me an average day. A day is a day, and for me, my days are always spontaneous. Due to an erratic sleep schedule, my day could start at either 3 am or 3 pm and anywhere in between. And that's just the start, the rest of the day could literally consist of anything from adventure to productivity, creativity and fresh perspectives on life and how to live it. Then I go to bed, rinse and repeat. Ha!

HC:  What I do to rewind?

Muhammad:  Well, I like to reflect and think a lot. Isolation is good for that. I usually wake up early in the morning, play some smooth jazz and drink a nice hot cup of either Earl Grey Tea or Irish Breakfast Tea mixed with some Pakistani Rose Water Syrup.

I sit on my balcony or walk around in my underwear and reflect on the past, the present and the future and what it has in store. When you're in a comfortable mind set, it's easier to make decisions, reflect and think about things in a more reasonable fashion.

HC:  What is something most people don't know about you?

Muhammad:  Although I may not show it, I've got this intense burning passion and yearning for knowledge, wisdom, experiences and expression. I like to do everything I can to experience life in as many ways as possible. I want to then reflect upon them, write about them and express those experiences and the wisdom and knowledge I've gained from them in any way I can.

Life is about getting from Point A to Point B (life to death) and what you've got to realize is if you don't enjoy the journey and take risks every now and then, then you're just living an empty, boring train ride with a one way ticket to death. Sure, you might experience what you consider to be the norm and you know, go to prom, traduate High school, go to college and whatever.

But make it more exciting than that! Don't just do all that stuff. Go on a spontaneous road trip with your friends. Go hike mountains. Go meet people. Go make things. Go do what it is you love and always wanted to do and never make any excuses for not doing it.

But I digress. I guess, in a nutshell, what is something that most people don't know about me is that I'm a free spirit that's trying to collect everything I can about life so that I can lay on my deathbed with a smile on my face knowing that I've lived a good life with no regrets.

HC:  What is your favorite spot on campus?

Muhammad:  It would have to be this gravel parking lot behind the PowerHouse. You know where the little sitting area is next to the powerhouse? And you can go through that black gate-like door into this little gravel parking lot? Well there are these stairs that lead to this square like platform that leads to this door to another building. Well that platform is a very cool place to me. It's a nice place to sit and think and be alone but still be among others. It's really cool.

HC:  Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Muhammad:  Hopefully I'll be producing and directing music videos for a living. That, alongside with gathering more knowledge like getting degrees in different fields like psychology and pursue more scholarly things that I'd like. I could maybe even become a doctor of osteopathy.

HC:  Who or what inspires you?

Muhammad:  My Inspiration would have to be myself. At the end of the day, I've only got myself. To have made it this far with all the complications I've had to deal with in life, I only have myself to inspire and motivate.

I can look in the mirror and tell that I have potential. I just have to work to mold it and form it into something great. So yeah, I motivate and inspire myself because that's who I've always had to rely on. It might seem a bit egotistical to others, but to me, it makes sense and it works.

Photos courtesy of Muhammad Javed