Campus Cutie Conner Welch

This week's Campus Cutie at Southern Miss is Conner Welch.

A little about Connor:

Age: 19

Major: Nursing

Minor: Spanish

Classification: Freshman

Hometown: Madison, Miss

Her Campus: "What's one of your biggest passions?"

Conner Welch: "Theater."

HC: "Because I know you're a nerd and I know that you love Theater and music, what's your favorite musical?"

CW: "Wicked."

HC: "Where is your favorite place out of the places that you have traveled?"

CW: "New York."

HC: "Where do you want to live and why?"

CW: "Honestly, a lot of places, but since I have to pick one, Barcelona, Spain. I'm getting my Spanish minor, so that counts, but the city and country are so beautiful. It would be amazing to live outside of the United States and experience hispanic culture. I've always wanted to travel to Barcelona, so it would be wonderful to live there."

HC: "If you could be any one person for the day, who would it be and why?"

CW: "Idina Menzel because I would love to have her talent of singing. She is an idol of mine, and I would love the opportunity to do what she does and make people happy with music."