Campus (Confessions) Celebrity: Nick Powers

So if you, like most USM students have liked the USM Confessions page, then I am sure you have seen this guy Nicholas Powers post on the comments. He's hilarious, right? Maybe you've noticed all of the Confessions directly call him out? He's kind of a big deal here on campus. Luckily, his sassy wisdom comes with an adorably friendly side that I got to talk to and get to know. Here you are, Collegiettes, the lovely Nick Powers:

Name: Nick Powers

Year: (Super) Senior

Age: 21Relationship Status: forever alone lolHometown: Ocean Springs, MS

All right Nick, where do you get all your wisdom that you grace us with on USM Confessions? Oh, you know. Here and there. I’ve been through quite a bit in my short time on Earth.

Do complete strangers on campus recognize you from USM Confessions? Oh yes. I get recognized by people I don’t know anyway, but since the Confessions Page posts it’s at least once a day. I was applying for a job and the girl that took my application was like, “OMG you’re THE Nick Powers? Like CONFESSIONS Nick Powers?!”

Did you get that job!No, sadly. Still broke as a joke and no job. If anyone's hiring though, let me know! Haha

So what do you like to do for fun? I like to hang out, bring all the sass, party and do college things. I love networking and meeting new people, but I can hang out at home too.

Where can we find you most weekend nights? Everywhere. House Parties, Bars, Home, Your boyfriends apartment, wherever.

Give me your top 3 favorite bands. Right now? Hmm.. Muse, Die Antwoord, and MIA.

What will you be doing 5 years from now? (Give me the dream life.) There are so many different things that I want to do. Hopefully teaching color guard somewhere, being fabulous, and actually making money. Also want to move to Vienna, Austria, teach English at a college level, and hopefully find me a pretty German speaking skinny-legged man.

Tell me about this gofundme thing. What’s going on? I am hopefully marching my age-out season in DCI this year. It’s like professional marching band, with just brass, percussion, and colorguard. It takes place from late May until Finals Week in early August. We move in to the place the corps is located, have all-days (wake up usually around 600, breakfast and PT, then rehearsals from 8AM to 11PM), then tour all over the country staying at highschools, sleeping on their gym floors and on buses, and performing at stadiums in surrounding areas. Sounds like hell, but it is amazing what the human body can do and what the final product is!

Could we see a little bit of what you're describing?

And there you have it! Nick Powers, everyone:)