3 Ideas For a Fun Spring Break at Home

Spring break is right around the corner, which means that Southern Miss students are getting ready for a week full of anything but studying and homework! 

So, what’s on the agenda? Not sure where to go or what to do to make the most of your spring break?

Here are a few suggestions of fun things to do on your spring break, all located around the southern region of Mississippi.

1. Go to the beach

The perfect spring break includes a trip to the beach at some point, right?

It’s a great place to relax, soak up some Vitamin D and maybe even catch a beautiful sunrise or sunset. There are plenty of nice spots along the beach on the coast to hang out with friends. 

As of right now, it looks like the weather will be pretty warm for the first part of the break. Monday might be like the best day for a trip to the beach, with a high of 73. Let's hope Mother Nature doesn’t do a total turnaround and give us another sleet/snow day.

2. Explore the local Hattiesburg area

If you decided to stay close to campus for spring break, there are still fun ways to spend your week while staying right here in Hattiesburg!

You can’t go wrong by going to see a movie at The Grande. Pick your favorite genre, grab some friends and enjoy the show.

There are tons of restaurants in Hattiesburg. Surely you haven’t discovered them all yet, so pick one you haven’t been to and go! To make it more exciting, order a dish you’ve never tried.

Visit the local zoo. There are two new golden eagles, Nugget and Talon, living there now! Show some school spirit and go visit them, and then take a stroll through the zoo.

3. Spend some quality time with Netflix

This is the best option if you: 

A. Don't want to travel. 

B. Don't want to leave Hattiesburg.  OR

C. Don't want to leave your house, much less your bed. 

You can catch up on your favorite shows and get some much needed sleep while doing this. Power nap between season marathons! After two months of constant studying for all your classes and running on caffeine and very little sleep, you deserve this.

Enjoy your spring break!