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Warm up your Wardrobe

With winter drawing in, summer attitudes flying out of the window and diets washed away with hot chocolate; it is becoming increasingly difficult to resist the temptation to throw on your thickest, frumpiest jumper and warmest pair of leggings. Freshers is over but your bank balance still remains low and it seems that there is no excuse for treating yourself. Waking up with frost having crept its way onto your window all you want to do is stretch out your arms to reach for whatever outfit comes into contact with you. However, it is possible to remain warm whilst following the current autumn trends whilst doing it on a budget. With fur forever reappearing in all different forms, why not grab yourself a statement piece this winter. Rather than concentrating primarily on coats, it seems that designers’ focus has switched from bulk to minimalist pieces. Items such as stoles and gilets are becoming more popular on the runway of Marc Jacobs and Christian Dior. The Hudson Shearling Gilet (left, £1,165) would no doubt make a lovely addition to any girls’ wardrobe this autumn. We can dream. At a much more affordable price is Aftershocks’ Brown Faux Fur Gilet (middle, £68.99) or even better, Dorothy Perkins’ Leopard Faux Fur Gilet (right, £39).                     On freezing cold days, it is more than likely that the evil snooze-button will lead us all down a very slippery path. A ten minute extra sleep turns into waking up and realising that you have half an hour to get ready; eat breakfast, run to the bus-stop, probably miss your bus and get to your lecture. So rather than worrying about washing your hair, try out a slick up-do. It is all about statements this season and that applies to earrings too. These beautiful Dolce & Gabbana earrings(£820) prove that there are never too many diamonds.

Pair these girly ASOS Statement Beaded Fabric-Backed Earrings (left, WAS £30 NOW £12) with a doughnut bun and you’re ready to go. If you’re not a fan of pink, like myself, go for Accessorize’s Ultimate Disco Chandelier Earrings (right, £15).                     Slide into your favourite pair of skin tight black jeans and chuck on some knee high boots. I am in awe of these insane Gucci boots (left, £920). Knee highs will not only keep you warm but they will also extend your legs and accentuate the right parts of your body; just what you need after your first few weeks of alcohol fuelled and pizza orientated diet at university. ASOS are right on point with their classy choice of footwear. The Colorado Leather Knee High Boots – (middle, £85) suitable for daily wear – and the Timeless Nile Over the Knee Boot, (right, WAS £70 NOW £45) for something a little less casual, are both equally as flattering. Rest assured, they will certainly compliment your figure and insulate those pins!

President of Southampton's chapter. 19 year old first year studying BA English. 
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