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Disco Pants: Are they worth the hype?

So let’s be honest, you’d have to be living under a rock for the past few months to miss the hype surrounding the American apparel disco pants. It seems that everyone has been losing their minds over these spandex beauties, spending their humble student allowance on a pair of leggings all in the name of keeping up appearances.

 Retailing at a whopping £74 this shouldn’t be a purchase any student takes lightly, and that is why I went on the hunt for something cheaper. 

These glorified leggings do work miracles and seem to make any girl look like they’ve stepped straight out of  Grease in true Olivia Newton-John style. These act like a giant pair of spandex and literally squeeze out the physical signs of that last kebab you ate from Chicoland. Figure hugging, high-waisted and flattering for any body shape, these make a welcome change to bodycon dresses.


I stumbled across Glamorous clothing’s dupe which retail at £29.99 so we students can breathe a collective sigh of relief (they also do 15% student discount which is a bonus).  These are made of mostly acrylic instead of the nylon-based apparel ones which might account for the difference in price.

Even though I love my glamorous UK dupes I can’t say I wasn’t a little bit green with envy when my housemate ordered the apparel ones. If you’re planning on wearing them a lot I would suggest investing in the more expensive version, purely to avoid my unfortunate mishap of getting a hole in the seam on a night out. The wonders of a needle and thread saved me so I can remain slightly smug at my bargain-hunting prowess!. `

So what do you think?

Splash the cash or save and risk splitting your pants?

By Melissa Hurley 

A True Coco Goddess! HAHA
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