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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Southampton chapter.


If there is one thing that can dramatically change the way you look it’s eyebrows. Some of us are fortunate enough to have been born with the perfect brows, but the rest of us have had to find some way of taming the wild beasts. Over-pluck and you may end up with no eyebrows at all. Under-pluck and well, it goes without saying that no one likes a slug… HerCampus is here to inspire you and to tip you on how to get the best-looking brows.

Megan Fox- from chavtastic to something a little more fantastic… Eyebrows can make all the difference!



Eyebrows help frame the face, and with the right styling, they can really make your eyes stand out to enhance certain features. It is all about firstly identifying what your face shape is and deciding what kind of shape you want before then considering what type of hair removal you are comfortable with!


Top 5 beautiful brow tips:

1.  If you think you need to style your eyebrows, always seek professional help first!

2.  Invest in an eyebrow brush: combing your eyebrows in an upwards direction can make your brows appear fuller

3.  If you need to trim your eyebrows, make sure you comb them upwards first, and then trim the excess. This will help keep them in shape.

4.  Invest in eyebrow gel: this will help keep your eyebrows at bay without straying all over the place!

5.  If you need to fill your eyebrows, I recommend using eye-shadow, or a coloured powder rather than pencils, as eyebrow pencils can give a very artificial look. Eye-shadow/powder will you achieve a more natural look. It is always advised to try and find a colour that is a shade lighter than your natural colour, unless of course, you are aiming for the Scouse-Brow look!


Bold eyebrows exude confidence, so pick up some tools and get styling!

Sophie Ellwood is a student of languages at Southampton University and a practioner of the arts. Heavily involved in film, music and the performing arts as a whole, she still finds time to work on her degree- just about! Whilst she has gained most experience in casting for independent and commercial projects, she is also working on her third feature film script. Her other interests include health and beauty, fashion, celebrity culture and psychology.
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