Campus Cutie: Robbie Vaughan


Name: Robbie Vaughan

Year: Third Year

Hometown: Brighton

Status: Single!

What’s your perfect Valentine’s Day in Southampton?

A quiet walk along the common, through the broken glass and desecration of a hundred shadowy wanderers. Oh, and with the one I love, of course.


Wow, that’s pretty dark! What three things should your ideal date avoid wearing?

Leather riding boots, fake Givenchy and high school leaver’s hoodies!


What’s been your craziest experience at Southampton University?

I found a love tool in the fridge of my student halls. I ate dry foods from then on…


List three things you hope to achieve by the time you’re 30:

Make lots of ‘P’ (money), create a guerrilla army in North Korea and retire with my supermodel wife on a yacht in Marbella. 


Tell us one thing about you that may surprise us:

I have no feeling in my left hand after a horrendous car crash when I was only 11. The same crash also left me with a scar on my kneecap from where a CD in the glove compartment shattered over my leg.


What was the CD?

Simon and Garfunkel’s Greatest Hits … literally! A fragment of Garfunkel’s ink-jet fro’ remains in my kneecap to this very day.


Ultimate summer experience:

Trans-Siberian railway. I’m in awe of Tsar Nicholas II’s technological mastery.


Favourite quote:

“If you can feel 60 seconds with ample run, the world, and all that’s within it will be yours one day, my son.” That’s from Rudyard Kipling’s “If—“.


I feel happiest when…

I'm playing Dungeons & Dragons in a dank cellar in Southampton city centre.


What annoys you the most?

 “The objectification of the male specimen. It makes me sick!”