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It’s basically a requirement to walk through a haunted house, ride a hayride, or find your way through a corn maze each October. C’mon, don’t be such a baby! It IS the scariest month of the year after all! Have a girls night out or a killer date night, either way, it’ll be a night to remember if you check out these local attractions.


1. House of Horrors

Just a 10 minute drive from campus and you’ll find yourself at this haunt in Cayce. This could be a fun way to take a break from a night out in Five Points, plus tickets are only $10!

2. Deceased Farm

This farm is a little bit farther from campus, but it’s the whole package. During the day they have a huge corn maze to get lost in, a cute pumpkin patch, and a field of sunflowers where you can get the perfect Insta. At night, they have six different attractions including a 3D house and maze. Check out their site for more information.

3. Scream Acres

According to hauntworld.com, this attraction is nationally ranked! The drive is a bit of a husk, but if you’re really into Halloween, this is worth the extra mileage. Find out everything you need to know here.

4. Kreepy Hollow

Right down the street from Scream Acres you’ll find Kreepy Hollow. If you do head out this way, it’d be easy to knock both out in a night! This attraction has a haunted busride, house, and hayride!

5. Scarowinds

For those of you who just can’t handle all the scary October has to offer, Carowinds offers a fun twist to Halloween. The theme park gets decorated in cob webs, lights, and fog while spooky actors run about. You should be able to handle this one, so check out the info here.

Don’t be scared, it’s just a bunch of hocus pocus!

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