Why We Love Her Campus: HC's Back-to-School Survival Kit

To say that Her Campus.com is an amazing company is a huge understatement. Not only is this website trendy, informative, and constantly expanding; but it has an amazing heart as well! Just as HC South Carolina was starting to really feel the pressure of fall semester classes, Her Campus national and its awesome sponsors saved the day with an amazing gift! We couldn't be happier with our Back-to-School Survival Kit. Filled with goodies that every collegiette will be sure to love, the Survival Kit was the perfect push for HCSC to swing back into action.

To thank our generous sponsors, we've broken down all of the different treats that we received:

  1. ChipotleBuy one, get one free burrito (or burrito bowl) cards. It's finally happened: the merging of our two favorite things - burritos and Her Campus. Time for our team to head over to the Chipotle located right in the Vista for a good, healthy caloriefest.
  2. LUNAChocolate Peppermint Stick Mini Luna bars. Our team loves these adorable little snacks to help us power through seemingly endless days of classes. meetings, and nights downtown (they fit effortlessly into a clutch, just FYI). 
  3. AffinitasCupcake Panty Box. These cupcake panties are quite possibly the cutest things to happen to intimates in the history of fashion. Even the packaging was to die for! 
  4. European Wax Center$5 off coupon for exfoliating gel. Even though we don't have an EWC here in Columbia, we'll be sure to take these coupons home with us over break to get that flawlessly smooth skin.
  5. ClueFree Clue app downloads. Clue is the best way to track your cycle, and everything that comes with it. You'll know when your period is coming, which 6 days you're most likely to get pregnant, when your mood is connected to your cycle, and more. Every girl needs this app in her life!
  6. Tanda Zap: Buy one get one 50% coupons. Pimples are every girl's worst fears. They can ruin any day, especially if you have a big event coming up. Luckily, Tanda has come out with their incredible zappers, devices that combine blue LED light with sonic vibration and gentle warming to destroy acne-causing bacteria on skin and in pores. It’s even clinically proven to clear or fade mild zits in 24 hours.
  7. GarnierBlackhead Eliminating Scrub and Nourishing Cleansing Oil samples. The blackhead scrub provides a gel exfoliator with micro beads to deeply cleanse, tighten pores, and smooth skin. The nourishing oil dissolves impurities and long-wear makeup, leaving no greasy residue. They combine to form a pretty awesome team, ready to tackle any skin problems you might have.
  8. AeropostleLLD Sport Bottle and $10 shopping cards. When you hear the name "Aero," it may or  may not bring back all those cringe-worthy memories of middle school and the polo/cami duo. Take that out of your head forever! Aero has undergone a complete rebranding, and the clothes are absolutely adorable! 
  9. Nasty GalSpecial edition pins. Nasty Gal is already a go-to online shopping destination for most collegiettes, so these pins will just prove the fashionistas we really are. 

If you've been following HCSC, you know we are pretty new to campus and would love to keep spreading the word! So of course we want to give you a taste of our Back-to-School Survival Kit. Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for upcoming chances to walk away with some of these awesome treats.

Once again, a huge thank you to our sponsors! Much love from HC South Carolina!