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Spring has sprung and has brought with it a beautiful new world! As a single person in a society which values romantic relationships to an extreme level, it can sometimes feel disheartening to be single with a change in the season. But we’re here to tell you that single is the spring’s hottest trend! Here are five reasons why being single in spring is the greatest.

1. The world is abloom.

Spring supplies the world with fresh flowers and beauty. It is a great reminder that at our most natural state, we are perseverant, just like the nature around us. So, if you’re ever feeling sad about being single, just remember that the flowers around you are single too and they’re okay (possibly because they do not have the capacity to be in a romantic relationship, but you know whatever works – works).

2. The temperature change. 

The winter chill is shooed away with the arrival of spring. Despite the beginning of spring 2018 being an outlier with cold days, the warm days will soon be arriving. Something about warmth is renewing, especially in South Carolina, where springtime brings the perfect amount of warmth (unlike in summer when it is unbearable).

3. The outdoor activities. 

As a result of the perfect weather, spring has a multitude of activities for you to enjoy with your friends! One particular favorite is strawberry picking. South Carolina’s Cottle Farm is a great place you and your group of gals to go and collect berries.

4. The end of the semester. 

You’ve made it through almost the whole academic year! You’re on the home stretch! Sure, exams are stressful, but since you are single and do not have a whole other human to care for, you can study more for your exams. Your GPA will be stellar.

5. You will know your worth 

In modern society, we are bombarded with messages telling us that romantic relationships are the key to our happiness. It is a profoundly untrue message. In order to be sustainably happy with your life and the world around you, you must become happy with yourself. You can work on loving yourself during any season, but the rebirth and renewal spring carries with it can certainly help kick-start your journey.

Being single (for most people) is not the ideal situation. As the season has officially changed to spring, it is important to note how it can be a positive change for the untethered person. 

Katherine Kimbrough

South Carolina '21

Katherine is a sophomore music student at the University of South Carolina. She has sung in choirs all over the country, and continues to sing all over South Carolina. Her interests include coffee, chocolate, books, and music. You can follow her on twitter @kat_kimbrough and on instagram @katherinekimbrough. 
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