Why Has Breonna Taylor Not Received Justice?

It has now been seven months since we discovered the awful news of Ms. Breonna Taylor, a black woman who was shot during her sleep. Correction, a black woman who was unarmed and shot in her sleep after three cops fired in the wrong apartment. 

We are upset. We are angry. Breonna Taylor deserves justice, and the state of Kentucky should be doing more to make sure she receives said justice. Instead of doing this, there are people who are still claiming it’s not a race thing, like in this article

For those who want just a short FYI on the article, Sgt. Mattingly says it was not a race thing. While it may not have been Breonna Taylor in which the three cops who were not in uniform were going after, it doesn’t make up for the fact that she was shot and is no longer living.

It also does not make up for the fact that her boyfriend was arrested for protecting himself and Ms. Taylor. He was arrested along with the many other black men who did not deserve it whatsoever. 

Just a few weeks ago a decision was made about Ms. Taylor’s case, leaving Louisville, KY in a state of emergency. The decision was that no officers would be charged on accounts for the shooting of Ms. Taylor. Instead, quite ironically, the only charges were for bullets that happened to enter the walls of Ms. Taylor’s neighbor’s apartment. 

One big question I have for this whole situation, amongst the “Why are the cops who murdered Breonna Taylor still free?”, why did the city of Louisville go into a state of emergency KNOWING that there were going to be those who were angry at the fact that she would not receive justice?

Judges are supposed to be in the middle, meaning not to let their Democratic or Republican views in the way. Any judge should realize how immoral this situation is and should let Breonna Taylor and her family receive the justice they deserve.