Which L'Oréal Paris Infallible Lip Paint Matches Your Personality?

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Her Campus South Carolina was thrilled to host the Glam Tailgate Tour with Her Campus Media and L’Oréal Paris on Tuesday. The event on Greene St. allowed collegiettes to test out some of L’Oréal's awesome Infallible Lip Paints and super fun Colorista 1-Day Spray. With so many colors and options, we found ourselves having a hard time choosing which color we loved best. So we decided to match the perfect color to your personality. Take this quiz to see which Lip Paint you should be wearing!

Which of these snacks is your go-to for a study break?

  1. Chocolate
  2. Protein bar
  3. Nuts
  4. Chips
  5. Fruit

Your current Netflix binge is…

  1. Stranger Things
  2. Orange is the New Black
  3. Shameless
  4. Gilmore Girls
  5. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Your favorite study spot on campus is…

  1. The Horseshoe
  2. Close Hipp Building
  3. The top of Gambrell
  4. Thomas Cooper Library
  5. The fountain

Your middle school crush was…

  1. Zac Efron
  2. Aaron carter
  3. Nick Jonas
  4. Chad Michael Murray
  5. Taylor Lautner

Your favorite Rom Com is...

  1. The Notebook
  2. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
  3. 10 Things I Hate About You
  4. Moonstruck
  5. My Best Friend's Wedding

Mostly 1s

Liquid Venom

You’re fun, daring and love to be the life of the party. You love taking risks and pushing the envelope. When it comes to standing out, you aren’t afraid to shine, which is why this bold metallic is perfect for you.

Mostly 2s


You’re bold and adventurous, so you aren’t afraid to choose something that’s on the darker side. You’re reliable, never reject a challenge, and friends always come to you for advice. You’ll be in love with this deep color.

Mostly 3s

Peach Pit

This classic peachy shade goes great with your fun-loving personality. It isn’t too bright, but the matte finish adds a little bit of flair. You love putting in details into everything, and no one will miss this finishing touch.

Mostly 4s

Spicy Blush

You’re known for your quick wit, and friends describe you as the “funniest one” in the group. You’re looking for a color that enhances your personality without overshadowing it, and this blush variation has the glossy finish that perfectly complements you.

Mostly 5s

Cool Coral

You aren’t afraid to strut your stuff and be yourself. You act as the center of your friend group and everyone can count on your for a smile—or a laugh. This pop of color is exactly what you need to match your bubbly personality.

Don't worry, with so many options to choose from, you won't have to choose just one! You can check out all of their lip paints on the L’Oréal Paris website too.