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Which Hocus Pocus Character Are You?

One of the best parts of October is Halloween movies, especially those on Disney Channel. And Hocus Pocus is an iconic movie for all you Halloween lovers out there. The movie includes a love story, funny dialogue, adventure, and even some thrills. What more could you really ask for? But what we remember and love the most are the outrageous characters we meet throughout the film. Take this quiz to find out who you are most like! 

What would you get out to eat?

  1. Burger and fries
  2. Tacos and queso
  3. Baked chicken
  4. Pizza
  5. Spaghetti

How often do you go to out?

  1. Whenever my friends do
  2. When I know my crush will be there
  3. When I’m forced to
  4. Never. Catch me on the couch
  5. When I feel like my friends are up to no good

You’re going on a date, what’s your go-to outfit?

  1. Comfy and cute
  2. Whatever shows off my ~assets~ best
  3. Stylish yet mature
  4. Sweatpants/leggings and comfy shirt
  5. Jeans, comfy shoes and a cute shirt

What kind of pet do you want?

  1. A dog
  2. A cat
  3. None, they’re too messy
  4. A parrot
  5. A goldfish

Who are you in the friend group?

  1. The funny one
  2. The flirty one
  3. The responsible one
  4. The chill one
  5. The protective one

At brunch, what’s your go to drink?

  1. OJ
  2. Bloody Mary
  3. A latte
  4. Black coffee
  5. Milk

What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

  1. Try to go back to sleep
  2. Drink espresso
  3. Shower
  4. Eat
  5. Read the paper

What’s your favorite type of music?

  1. Rap
  2. Pop
  3. Indie
  4. Alternative
  5. Classical

Mostly 1’s

If you answered mostly 1’s you’re Mary Sanderson. You make people laugh and always go with the flow. You hate confrontation and never take anything too seriously. You LOVE hayrides especially with hot cocoa. You’re always supportive of your friends and their decisions. Sometimes you’re a little shy but when you’re with your girls you’re totally in your element.

Mostly 2’s

If you answered mostly 2’s you’re Sarah Sanderson. You love being the center of attention. Sometimes you are the flirt of the group. You always try to lighten the mood in every situation and because you just want to have fun… and then go cuddle. Some people may think you can be a little ditzy but that’s just because you’re always trying to see the positive side. You’re the friend everyone goes to for advice on fashion and guys.

Mostly 3’s

If you answered mostly 3’s you’re Winnie Sanderson; you are easily frustrated and like to be in control of the situation. You like to have fun but want to make sure everyone is listening and following the rules (your rules, that is). You love reading a good book and taking a walk through the park…or graveyard! Some may see you as controlling or the mom of the group, but that’s just because you know what’s best!

Mostly 4’s

If you answered mostly 4’s you’re Billy, the zombie. You’re kind of out of the loop but that’s how you like it. You typically forget about plans and just go to sleep instead. You enjoy doing your own thing on your time. You are the sarcastic friend that people sometimes don’t understand. Underneath your sleepy, sarcastic demeanor is a sweet and caring person. You’re the go-to friend for pizza and Netflix.

Mostly 5’s

If you answered most 5’s you’re Thackery Binx, the cat. You love meeting new people, you have an old soul and are very understanding. You enjoy helping people fix their mistakes. You are the protector of the group and sometimes that can make you a little uptight. Your friends are like your younger siblings that you watch after and care for. Everyone loves having you around because you’re insightful and have a helpful perspective about almost everything.

Cooper Crews

South Carolina

Cooper is a senior at the University of South Carolina studying public relations. Some of her favorite things are Harry Potter, adrenaline filled adventures, being outdoors, loving on her rescue pup Charlie and binge watching Netflix. After graduation, she hopes to travel the world and find her dream job in public relations. 
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