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What Your Favorite Pizza Topping Says About You

Who doen’t like pizza? It’s basically the most delicious, well-rounded food there is. Pizza never gets old, it’s always available no matter how late, and it always puts you in a good mood. But not everyone always agrees when it comes to their favorite type of slice. What you top your pie with says a lot about you. 

Plain ol’ cheese

You’re pretty basic, but in a good way. You’re the classic type, and you’re never going out of style. Everyone loves you, and although you might play it on the safe side sometimes, you still like to have fun. 


You like a little spice in your life, but you also like to keep it simple. You’re the girl who goes out every so often, but also likes to stay at home for some alone time with Netflix. Basically, the best of both worlds. 


You’re down to earth and love being outside. You love nature and are super interested in the way the world works. You love volunteering and helping people. Friends would describe you as caring, cool and collected. Keep doing you!

White Pizza

You definitely like to take the path less traveled, in fact, your favorite type of pizza isn’t actually pizza at all. Not sauce, no problems. You are a fearless leader who always likes to take charge. From pizza to life, you always have others following your lead.


You’re hot and you know it. You’re very confident in everything: your opinions, your clothes, your attitude. You know what you want and you go for it. Not everyone agrees with your bold opinions, but you don’t really care. You know what you like.

Meat Lover’s

You’re tough and don’t like change too much. You like to do things at your pace, and when someone suggests something different, you’re a little stubborn in your ways. But eventually you’ll come around and find that you enjoy different things sometimes.


You love to just go with the flow and do what your gut tells you. You don’t always think things through, but everything seems to turn out okay in the end. You have tons of energy and are constantly in motion. You aren’t afraid of defying the norm, and everyone knows it. Plus, your bubbly personality makes you the life of the party.

Live. Laugh. Love. Pizza.

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South Carolina

I like mac and cheese, coffee, and cats
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