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Welcome to the Season of Utility Jackets and Flannels

Oh fall, the wonderful season of pumpkins, colorful leaves, apple picking and so many other great things. The greatest thing about fall might be the clothes though. No other time of year can you actually wear the cute “light jacket” that we all have which is too light for any decently cold weather but too hot for summer. Flannels come out in full force and can take a decent leggings and simple tee combination to another level. Booties – well those are just a God send. Fall is too great for too many style reasons.

Overalls People!

If you have never had a pair of overalls, let me make one suggestion; go out and buy a pair nowOveralls are one of those outfit choices that not much thinking has to go into and can be thrown on with any base sweater for a cozy fall vibe. Paired with solid color sweaters or turtlenecks and short booties, this outfit can go from the pumpkin patch to dinner out.

Flannels, Flannels, Flannels

The most universal fall wardrobe piece has to be a flannel. Not only are they the comfiest piece of clothing to exist on this planet, they can easily be dressed up or dressed down. Paired with a vest, jeans and a few accessories this look is fall date ready! If you’re not planning on going out, flannels are perfect for throwing on over an old tee to warm yourself up. Grab some plaid and take on the day.

Boots in All Shapes and Sizes

Boots: the fall staple. Whether they are over-the-knee, short leather booties, rain boots, LL Bean boots, heeled or any style, boots go with everything. Sure, summer is great and all with Birkenstocks, Tevas, and Chacos (which if you’re like me you’ll still wear when the temperature drops), but the queen of fall shoe choices is the boot. If you haven’t noticed either, there is a boot for every and I mean every occasion. Raining? Hunter boots, Target rain boots (a personal favorite). Date night? Leather works. Running late to class? Throw on a pair of Sperry boots and make your way to your 8 AM. 

Utility Jackets and All the Pockets

I didn’t realize how much hunter green could actually match. Utility jackets, or anorak jackets as you might call them, seem to go with everything in my closet! These jackets never get dirty, never seem to wrinkle and are the perfect weight for the cooler weather. A personal favorite which has been in my closet for years is one from Forever 21. Flannels, sweaters, long sleeves, cardigans, turtlenecks, plain tees, you name it and it can be paired with a utility jacket. Winter coats quake at the style of these fall pieces.

Fall is great for many things, but the fashion pieces are my favorite part, and no one will ever change my mind on that. Happy season of leaves and pumpkin pie everyone!

Abby Davies

South Carolina '22

U of SC '22. Public Health major.
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