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Week 6 Bachelor Recap

This week on The Bachelor was a tough one. Nick sent home three girls on top of the rose ceremony. A little harsh, right? And, before you get your hopes up, neither of the three girls were Corrine. Sigh. 

The episode starts off with the teaser from last week that gave us all hope that both Taylor and Corrine would be sent home, but leave it to the producers to trick us all again. Corrine is here to stay!

The two girls sent home during the rose ceremony were Jaimi and Josephine. While these girls were sweet, it was clear they had no spark with Nick. But at this point I’m having a hard time figuring out if anyone has a spark with him. There’s obviously a reason this season is his fourth go around with the Bachelor and after sending home so many girls tonight, maybe he should take this as a sign that it’s time to give up with finding love from a reality show. 

Nick’s one on one with Kristina was sweet, but only sweet. Not great, not passionate, not genuine. I think she’s one of the cutest contestants this season and her heartwarming story definitely gave me an extra ounce of respect for her, but I’m still not seeing any real connection here. She’s one of the girls that I hope goes home genuinely because she’s better off without a guy like Nick.

So then out of nowhere, Jasmine just starts rambling about how she wants to choke Nick. Like we’re all uncomfortable here…did she really just say that? Is she trying to be creepy, sexy? Literally no one knows. So now that she’s made all the women in America awkwardly sip their wine and hope she redeems herself, Nick does us all a favor by saying peace out homegirl. 

Things get tricky during the two on one with Whitney and Danielle. Both of these girls are super cute and definitely wife material, so the drama wasn’t too alive during this date. No one was that surprised when Whitney was sent home off the bat because she had always been the more reserved of the two. But then ~plot twist~ Danielle is sent home too and now everyone is stressing. Why is he sending everyone home? Nick, you’re not cute enough to be doing this. Danielle L. for Bachelorette, anyone?

So, based off all the tears in the final moments of tonight’s episode and even more tears in the previews for next week- things seem to be getting dra-ma-tic. Tune in next week with your comfort food to watch all these fake tears roll out. Happy Monday!

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