USC's PINK Street Team

Do you love Victoria’s Secret? Do you love PINK? Well stop what you're doing and check this out. We got a chance to have a chat with a few of the ladies from USC’s PINK Street Team to learn more about what they do (and maybe even how to get some freebies)! 

Her Campus South Carolina: What is the Street Team?

Amanda Fouss: The Street Team is a branch off of what the PINK Campus Reps do. We are essentially a marketing team and we help out our reps (Megan and Emma) with events and advertising. We are a team to help get the bigger jobs done.

Kirsten Arnoult: Street Team for Victoria's Secret PINK is a group of girls spreading word of PINK events that are happening on campus, getting people involved, and spreading the brand PINK to everyone.

HCSC: What made you want to be a part of the Street Team:

AF: I wanted to apply as a campus rep for PINK but I never ended up filling out the application, so when I heard about the Street Team I wanted to get involved. I am a marketing and finance major at USC so I wanted to get my feet in the water a little and apply for the Street Team. I also wanted to get a taste of what it was [like working] for PINK without the full time commitment at first, so if I want to apply as an actual rep for next year, I already have the experience.

KA: I wanted to be a part of PINK Street Team because I wanted more experience in marketing a brand to a huge populated group!

HCSC: What role do you play?

AF: We all have the same role on the Street Team, it’s not like one of us is higher up or plays a different role than the other. There are about 10 of us and we all market and advertise the products that PINK sends us, as well as help plan events that we do around campus.

KA: In the PINK Street Team, we all have an equal role, we share ideas on how to campaign to make our PINK campus better involved. We also think of giveaways, how we should raise awareness of what we do.

HCSC: What is the best part about being on the Street Team?

AF: Definitely the experience and getting do a lot of stuff around campus. It’s fun to get to see all the PINK products before they are actually released to the public and give them out to students around campus. The headquarters actually really value our opinion so it’s really cool to know we are actually putting in our input for a major company.

KA: The best part of being on The Street team is getting to meet the other girls that are doing this with me - they're so creative and full of energy and ideas! I also love the experience that I am gaining for my future.

HCSC: What have you learned so far being a member of the Street Team?

AF: I've learned a lot of marketing and advertising tools as well as what PINK is looking for in regards to new styles and products.

KA: Being on the PINK Street Team, I have learned how to think outside of the box. I've learned how to think of ways to make a brand wanted by more people than just who already knows about it.

HCSC: What are some events that the Street Team runs/facilitates on campus?

AF: We recently just did a scavenger hunt around campus where we advertised on social media and gave people clues as to wear we would be giving out free items throughout campus. This was our first event as a team and it was way more successful than we thought! The next event we will be holding is this Sunday [October 8] at the Columbiana Mall in the actual VS Store and we will be there marketing the collegiate line.

KA: The Street Team is working on more events to come for our campus. However, we did just host a Scavenger hunt - which included four spots on campus, that were given out on our Instagram, @scarolinapink. We had bras, panties, leggings, and book bags! It was a hit - we had given everything out in less than 5 minutes. We are looking forward to holding another event similar [to that one].

HCSC: Tell us about some freebie opportunities!

AF: There are always freebie opportunities- best part about this job! For example, during the scavenger hunt we gave free bras, panties, backpacks, and leggings. We also gave 4 winners $50 gift cards! Stay on the lookout for more freebie opportunities on our Instagram.

KA: I can't tell you about anything currently other than we are in the works of planning out some more things! If you follow our Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat you’ll know right away when our next freebie opportunity is!

HCSC: How can others get involved?

AF: There will applications for actual street reps on the VS Website and the street team next year!

KA: Others can get involved by following our social media, or when the application becomes available apply for the Campus Rep position, or the Street Team application.

Thanks for talking to us, ladies! Be sure to check out the USC's PINK Street Team on instagram @sccarolinapink!