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A USC Student Account on NASCAR: The New Carolina Cup?

So maybe you’ve noticed that NASCAR races have become the new (and potentially better) version of Carolina Cup here at USC. Most fraternities are known for bringing their huge tailgate tent, some speakers, and lots of coolers full of beverages. This past weekend was my first experience at a NASCAR race, let alone in Darlington, South Carolina. I lived to survive and now I’m here to give my pointers and thoughts.

Make sure you’re prepared with your “trashy” cut up t-shirt and comfortable shoes (I recommend cowboy boots). I’ve never seen so many Bud Light, Chevrolet, and generic ‘Merica shirts in my entire life.  It’s all in fun but keep in mind that people who frequent these types of races really do dress like this in all seriousness, so be careful not to offend. I wore a ripped up Dr. Pepper shirt, high-waisted jean shorts, and cowboy boots and I was comfortable the whole time. It gets hot so I would recommend cutting the sleeves.

The Bojangles 500 is the race that most of USC went to this past weekend, and I have to say it didn’t disappoint. The tailgating (as most college girls would say) was probably the best part, but you have to remember that no one wants to be the drunkest girl at the party. Imagine a football tailgate except ten times more redneck. If you’re throwing up or showing signs of being way too intoxicated, people will notice, and chances are you risk getting in serious trouble.

With that being said, the actual race part was extremely different than what I was expecting. It’s a different atmosphere than your average sports game. People really mesh together and the lights, sunsets, and loud roaring of engines is something everyone should experience for themselves. If you’re traveling with a fraternity, then be ware that people will probably give you extremely negative looks. There’s something about a hundred sweaty, yelling, drunk fraternity boys that can really rub people the wrong way. We got looks for just about everything. That couple that was getting way too handsy and making out in the stands or those five guys constantly thinking it was super cool to shot gun beers were definitely not a crowd favorite. 

So LADIES, if that boy you’ve been crushing on asks you to attend a NASCAR race with him (because apparently that’s a thing now), my advice is to go, have fun and be fun but not too fun (if you catch my drift). Drink some cheap beer and spend your money on way too expensive food because it really does make for a great day.

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Page Buckman

South Carolina

Page is a Public Relations major at the University of South Carolina. In her free time she enjoys watching Netflix, playing with her dog, and eating mozzarella sticks.
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