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USC Fashion Series: Bianca Pirone, Co-Founder of Sew College

Meet second-year retailing student, Bianca Pirone. Bianca has a focus in fashion merchandising, and is one of the creators behind all of the trendy shirts you see girls wearing on gameday. Her and Anna Grace Averett started Sew College in 2016, and since then their shirts have been spreading like wildfire across campus. 

HCSC: Why did you want to start Sew College?

Bianca Pirone: We wanted to change the stereotype of dressing nice for gamedays. We wanted to make the attire more casual and give a twist to the classic college t-shirt.

HCSC: Do you have any experience in fashion?

BP: I am involved with Fashion Board, National Retail Federation here at USC. I also work seasonally at Nordstrom in the T.B.D. department back in Maryland.

HCSC: What are your plans for the future?

BP: We plan to add more styles and designs to the college tees. We are also trying to get into graphic design.

HCSC: What products do you sell?

BP: We only sell t-shirts, however we have multiple designs and additions. We have lace-up tees and the ability to add a bleach effect. This year we are going to add zipper details and more.

HCSC: What’s your most popular product?

BP: The most popular product at Sew College is the classic black lace up with the Carolina logo.

HCSC: Where can we buy your products?

BP: We only sell our products through Instagram. We felt that is the easiest and cheapest way for our product to be advertised and sold. We have done custom college lace-up tees for over 20 different schools and universities!

Check Sew College out on Instagram to get your own: @sew_college

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