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The Ultimate Guide to Thirsty Thursday at USC

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at South Carolina chapter.

Whether it’s a break from studying, or a night on the town with your girls, Thursday’s at USC aren’t known for being the dreaded “day before Friday.” Basically, the weeks is just a countdown to thirsty Thursday, and Her Campus South Carolina has the ultimate guide for navigating all the deals around Columbia.

1. Village Idiot

Village Idiot is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat and some beer pitchers with friends to get your night started. A $10 large three-topping pizza special at both Five Points and Olympia Mill locations makes fueling your body before a long night especially easy on a college budget. As for drinks, the Five Points location has $5 Bud Light pitchers and the Olympia Mill location has $2.50 beer pitchers that are perfect for washing down the pizza, and make it the ultimate pregame spot.

2. Publico

If you’re ready to head into Five Points for the night, but aren’t ready to deal with the crowds quite yet, head to Publico. They sell all of their tap items for one dollar off. This includes all of their tap beers and wine. They have a ton of selection, so it’s a great place if you don’t want to sacrifice quality on a budget.

3. Latitude 22

When it is finally time to get the night pumped up good head over to Latitude 22 for the ultimate Thirsty Thursday deals. On Thursdays Latitude serves one-dollar beers until 1 am, including Bud Light, Budweiser, Miller Light, Michelob Ultra, PBR, and Coors Light. They also have two-dollar house vodka, tequila, whiskey and 5 dollar pitchers.

4. Five Points Saloon

Famous for the $1 Thursday beer special, head over to The Five Points Saloon to grab a brew and experience the bar where the party doesn’t just stop inside, but continues out on their back patio as well. Make sure to arrive early though, with a deal this good the Five Points Saloon is known to have a line of people waiting to experience what all of the hype is about.

5. Basically any other bar in Five Points. (not even kidding)

Since Columbia is a college town, these bars know the deal. Just because a bar doesn’t have a set special on a Thursday night doesn’t mean that there won’t be a special. Most of the bars in Columbia have rotating specials during the week from one-dollar liquor to two-dollar shot deals. Moosehead Saloon has daily specials including: one-dollar PBR, two-dollar margaritas, two-dollar bourbon, and four-dollar Jack Daniels. So do a little exploring and get to know your favorite deals!


Don’t miss out on one of the best nights for a deal in Gamecock Country! Swipe on your favorite lipstick, grab an Uber (but not alone), pack an extra Gatorade for class on Friday, and have a rocking Thirsty Thursday.

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