The Top 6 Jobs Available On-Campus

It’s job hunting season: one of the most stressful times of the year. At this point, you’re probably ready to cry just thinking about another job application, but have no fear. Here’s a list of the best jobs available on-campus made just for you. 

  1. 1. Resident Mentor

    Though this job is extremely competitive and does require a lot of time, it does have some serious perks. Not only do you get a 75% discount on housing, but you’ll also get a discounted meal plan and a stipend. Unfortunately, you’ll also have to deal with people locked out at 3am and writing people up for drinking. But you’ll get to form relationships with freshmen, and help them through their struggles, so that’s super rewarding. 


  2. 2. Library

    There are tons of positions available within the seven floors of T-Coop, from working the circulation desk, to providing tech support, to checking people in and out of the building. One major perk of being a library employee is the flexibility with hours; they’re great with working around your schedule, and, since the library is open 24 hours during the week, there’s plenty of opportunities to work even if your class schedule is hectic. 


  3. 3. Strom

    Do you have a passion for working out? Strom offers many different jobs to student employees. You could be a lifeguard in one of the several pools they have, a group exercise instructor, work the climbing wall; your options are limitless. Pay for different positions vary, but Strom is pretty flexible with your class schedule and the work environment is low-stress. 


  4. 4. Carolina Food Company

    While this may not seem like the most glamorous job, working with Carolina Food Company has major benefits, like $9.25/hour pay and a free meal every shift. Most dining areas on campus have great, friendly staff and a great work atmosphere too. Of course, you will have to deal with the lunch rushes, so be prepared.  


  5. 5. Student Success Center Peer Leaders

    Ever attend an SI session or bring a paper in to have it reviewed? You probably interacted with an SSC peer leader. There are a variety of positions available, including Supplemental Instruction Leaders, Peer Consultants and Peer Writing and Communications Tutors. Most SSC Peer Leaders make $10 per hour and work about 8-11 hours per week. 


  6. 6. U101 Peer Leader

    Were you positively impacted by U101? Did you have a great first year experience? Being a U101 Peer Leader allows you to interact with freshmen and share your insight into having the best freshman year ever. You’ll also get experience with teaching, grading and public speaking. 


Good luck y’all! Remember: You’ve got this.