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Tips To Finish The Semester Off Strong

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Yay! It’s April — which means summer is just around the corner. But first, you have to survive finals week :/

I know it’s not fun, nor is it how you want to spend the last few weeks of the semester with your friends. So here are some tips that have helped me to finish out the semester strong:

  1. Make a Routine: Easier said than done, right? Making a routine is essential and beneficial for the end of the semester and college altogether. Whether you’re a to-do list guru or master of a color-coded assignments list in Excel, establishing and maintaining a routine can increase your academic performance. It also will help you balance your school and social life.
  2. Take care of Yourself: Please, please, please (I’m going to say it again, PLEASE) take care of yourself. The last thing you want is to get sick during finals week and feel awful during an exam. Taking care of yourself is not only good for your overall well-being, but can also lead to an increase in motivation to complete all your goals before school is out for the year. Drink lots of water, take vitamins, get eight to 10 hours of sleep (if you can), and eat at least one healthy meal a day to make your body and mind feel good. 
  3. Make Clear and Reachable Goals: DO NOT think you are going to breeze through these last few weeks without doing any work and expect to pass your exams. That is not how the world works. Do you want to receive a 90% on your statistics final? Do you want to get an A in your senior seminar that you’ve hated all semester? If you have similar goals in mind, it is incredibly important you take note of them. Make an in-depth description of what this goal is, as well as your next steps in achieving it!
  4. Prioritize: Please don’t be that person who tries to write your 15-page thesis paper at the last minute. Review the assignments you have from now until the end of the semester, and prioritize the important ones or the ones that will require most of your time. I recommend either checking your grade book or potentially asking teachers how many points each assignment is worth. With this information in mind, you’ll be able to determine which assignments you need to complete first in hopes of receiving a better score and an overall higher grade in the long run!
  5. ASK FOR HELP: (This is important so you get all caps for this one 😀) I know going to your professors or teaching assistants is weird and uncomfortable, but it will show them that you are serious about finishing off the semester strong (plus, you might get brownie points with them). No matter what questions you may have, remember that they are always there to help and want to see you succeed (even the professors you may not enjoy so much), so make sure you take advantage of this. Even if you believe you are on track to finishing with a good grade, a little extra guidance could enable you to finish the semester at your full potential!
  6. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE: (Yes, all caps again, and yes, I’m referring to you). Trust me, I completely understand the stress of procrastination, because at the start of college, I continuously left all my assignments until the absolute last minute. Some people work great under pressure and others don’t. With that being said, I recommend that you incorporate each of the previously mentioned tips into your life to ensure you do not procrastinate and fall behind. 

And just like that, you will finish off the semester strong, no matter what tips and tricks you try — as long as you work to be your best. I truly believe you will do amazing — but if you doubt yourself remember that you are smart, you are worthy and you can do anything you set your mind too.

Ashley Plott

South Carolina '23

Senior studying Hospitality and Social Media ♊️ Gemini