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Tips for Freshmen During COVID-19

Everyone around the world is learning to adapt to a new way of life due to COVID-19, especially here at USC.  However, arguably the most difficult transition is that of the new freshman class.  On top of new experiences at college, this year’s incoming class also has to learn how to adapt to new social norms, making some experiences more difficult. 

Freshman Sydney Scoggins tested positive for coronavirus shortly after the semester started and explains that the virus has impacted many aspects of her freshman experience.  She also gives recommendations to all students at USC on how to stay safe, whether on or off campus. 

In terms of branching out at a new school, Scoggins has found some obstacles with making new friends.  “I have found it personally harder to branch out and make friends. Even though I came from a large high school, I still find it difficult. I sometimes find myself going to people I was friends with at home as a comfort,” Scoggins said.  Even though she rushed, Scoggins still feels as though she didn’t get the full experience.  “I was excited to spend time with all of my new sorority sisters in person, but it is all online… I [cannot] talk to them in person.”

However, Scoggins knows that these precautions are for the safety of her and everyone around her.  Her sorority only meets online, and in smaller groups they meet outside with masks on.  Scoggins is also involved in the Carolina Club Dance, which meets in person and requires face masks as well. 

“I would tell freshmen to just try to get involved as much as possible or you will regret it. I was so scared until I got [Coronavirus] that I would not do anything,” Scoggins said. “Continue to do your part to keep yourself and others around you safe. It is selfish to not take precautions to keep everyone safe. I know it is a weird time but make the most out of it.”

No matter where you’re going, or what age you are, it is important to remember to always wear a mask and to be mindful of your surroundings.  Try to avoid large gatherings, and if you contract Coronavirus be sure to take all precautions to stop the spread. 


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