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TikTok Recipes That Truly Live Up to the Hype

Food brings us all together – and TikTok does an exceptional job of creating a community around recipes that have broken the internet. From expert chefs to ambitious foodies, this platform has become one of my favorite places to seek out new dishes. Here are a few that I’ve made myself that I think are worth trying out for yourself!

Baked Feta Pasta

At first sight, this recipe almost seemed too simple to break the internet. But, I can definitely confirm that this recipe is truly worth the hype. This recipe originated from Finnish blogger “Liamessa” and now has dozens of spin-offs across the internet. Salty baked feta, sweet cherry tomatoes, fresh garlic – what could go wrong?

For this recipe all you need is bowtie pasta, cherry tomatoes, a block of feta, garlic, red pepper flakes, basil, olive oil, and salt and pepper. In a 400-degrees Fahrenheit oven, place the tomatoes, feta, olive oil and salt inside for about 45 minutes. After that, you can crank up the heat to 450 0F for another 5 minutes to brown the tomatoes. Remove the dish, add the garlic and basil, and stir. Boil your pasta for 8-12 minutes. Add your al dente pasta, season, and you’re done!

Hot Cocoa Bombs

Hot chocolate bombs have always been a winter staple, so once they went viral on TikTok I knew I had to try them. Perfect for when the weather gets chilly, these hollow chocolate balls are filled with cocoa powder and marshmallows – great for when hot milk is poured over the top.

All you need is bittersweet couverture chocolate, cocoa powder (or hot chocolate mix), and mini marshmallows. Melt two-thirds of the chocolate and add a spoonful to a half circle silicone mold. Freeze for 5 minutes and then pop the chocolate shells out of the mold. Fill half of them up with cocoa power and marshmallows. Warm up a plate in the microwave and gently press the empty shells onto it, then use the melted chocolate to seal two shells together. Pop them back in the freezer then heat up some milk and drop a hot chocolate bomb into the mug.

Emily Mariko’s Salmon Dish

Emily Mariko reminded me how relaxing it can be to cook. She became instantly famous after posting her salmon and rice bowl, which has since been recreated hundreds of thousands of times. Since posting it on August 25th, Emily’s video now has over 45 million views. Her version includes a leftover salmon filet, leftover white rice, soy sauce, Sriracha, Japanese Kewpie mayo, and avocado and roasted seaweed to serve. 

It’s simple (a major contributor to its popularity)… first mash the salmon, add a scoop of rice, create a small well in the middle, and place an ice cube on top. Take a sheet of parchment paper and mold it around the rice, then microwave for about 1.5 minutes. Splash a good amount of soy sauce and drizzle with mayo and Sriracha. After that, you’re ready to mix. Make sure that all the sauce is integrated into the rice and salmon. Once mixed, you can add the avocado, pluck a seaweed sheet, and fold it around the bite. I can confirm that, yes, this dish not only lives up to, but exceeds the hype.

Pesto Eggs

Pesto eggs may be the simplest, and one of the most delectable, TikTok-inspired recipes that I’ve tried. Heat a skillet over medium heat and drop pesto in the center. Once the pesto is sizzling, crack in the eggs. Season with black pepper and red pepper flakes and you’re golden. I tried this on top of toasted sourdough, and it immediately became one of my breakfast staples.

Birria Tacos

I had not heard of Birria Tacos until I stumbled upon them when they became viral on TikTok. They are a popular Mexican street food, and the word “Birria” literally translates to: “Exquisite savory dish, full of culture and tradition.” Australian TikTok user “@annapaul_” made an easy-to-follow recipe (that’s now reached over 22 million views) which I was able to recreate.

First you brown your meat (traditionally you use goat, but I used beef), then add beef stock, bone broth, and water. Add an onion, an entire garlic bulb, a chili, carrots, bay leaves, and thyme. Let that cook for about an hour, then put all the vegetables in a blender. Add tomatoes, more bay leaves, dried chilies, cumin, and cloves into the blender, then sift the sauce back into the pot so it’s smooth. I let that cook for three hours, adding water every 30 minutes. Pull apart the meat, dip a tortilla in the sauce, then place it in a heated pan. Add meat, sauce, cheese, onion, and coriander to the tortilla, then fold in half. Voila! I made this for my entire family and the opinion was unanimous – these live up to the hype. 

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