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The Signs + My Personal Pairings

I have spent probably the last year learning as much as I possibly can about the Zodiac signs. One thing I learned is that I absolutely love them, and I can answer just about any question on the subject.

This is by no means an absolute what you should do, or who you should look for. We all have our biases, so I cannot control what you do, but please do not break up with your significant other because you are a Sagittarius and they are a Cancer and I said it wouldn’t work out the best.

Now, let’s dive in!

Starting with Aries, I feel like your true match would be another Aries. From what I have seen, Aries really love competition and they thrive off of it. It makes sense to have a partner who feels the same, that way it keeps things fun. I also feel as if Libra and Aries would make a great match! Bring some fire into a balanced person’s life, and bring some balance into someone’s life who is probably pretty chaotic (chaotic good, of course).

Next we have Taurus, my favorite Earth sign! I actually really don’t like Earth signs, but that’s probably because my chart has no Earth signs whatsoever. Anyways, Taurus and Sagittarius give me the best vibes. I think their crazy and happy-go-lucky energy are perfect for each other. I personally don’t know any Taurus and Sagittarius couples, but I am dying to meet some.

For Gemini, I am totally going to steal you on this. Aquarius and Gemini are quite literally amazing for each other, and I am speaking from experience! Granted things with my ex did not end how we both wanted, I enjoyed the good times with him and I totally love Geminis. I also think Geminis would be great with Libras (air signs have to stick together.)

Cancer, you’re kind of just good with everyone. I think Cancers have the potential to be the most romantic, but they just aren’t given the opportunities they need. Cancer and Capricorn pairings interest me. Capricorns are very well-grounded, the pun is totally intended here, and Cancers flow like water…or tears. Sorry, I can’t help the jokes. They would give each other a great balance.

Leos, you probably think every sign is for you. While that might be true, you are totally after an Aquarius. You absolutely hate that they ignore you for more important things, and that makes you fall in love even more. And, on the opposite side, Aquarians love when someone is infatuated with them.

Virgos, my least favorite Earth sign and probably sign in general (sorry, Mom.) It’s going to be hard to find someone who is literally perfect for the most perfect sign ever, so I’m going to stick with another Virgo. It’ll be totally fun judging each other, right? Okay, fine, I’ll give a real answer. Taurus signs are a certain kind of controlled crazy, and I think Virgo signs would appreciate that a lot. They’re both Earth signs, so it works.

Libras are kind of tough because I really feel as if they are one of the only signs who should have a God complex. I think a Libra and Leo relationship would be pretty interesting and exciting, but I have to say that an Aquarius and Libra relationship would be all about intellect and useless information: something I would enjoy.

Scorpios are one of my favorite signs, but a sign I don’t really know a whole lot about. Scorpios and Cancers give me a great vibe, plus I usually see them paired together. I am starting to see a trend here with the elements being attracted to each other, in this case it is water.

Babes, we are in Sagittarius season now! One of my favorite times of the year because I have so many people to celebrate and this is my favorite sign. I see Sagittarius signs vibing really well with Aquarius. My best friend and I are the perfect balance of crazy and intellectual for each other, so I would love to see a relationship between the two signs. Capricorn and Sagittarius would be cool too even though they are the total opposites. Opposites do attract, though.

I am 100% biased on this because two of my best friends are a Capricorn and a Pisces, but hear me out. When I think of Capricorn, I think of someone who is really smart and grounded, but is searching for fun and just struggles with maintaining the two. When I see a Pisces, I think of someone who is ridiculously caring and wants to make everyone smile, but comes with some baggage and wants to have all the fun. That sounds like a great match, to me personally.

Again, I am going off experience with this one. As an Aquarius, I think Gemini is a great match. I vibe well with most Geminis, but this is probably because of the air sign compatibility. I am also really good friends with a lot of Sagittarius signs and would love to see where those friendships lead to.

Last, but certainly not least, Pisces. I’m going to have to say the Capricorn duo from earlier. I also think a Pisces and Virgo relationship would be pretty awesome.

Again, please do not dump your Virgo boyfriend because I said I low-key do not like Virgos!

Sophia Martin

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Sophia is an Advertising major who loves writing, her dog Ryder, chai lattes, and writing content. She is beyond excited to see where she can lead the South Carolina chapter as president.
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