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It’s spooky season again and you know what that means…Halloween costumes! If you’re looking for a sexy eyeshadow look to go with your Halloween look, this flapper smokey eye is perfect for you! Follow the steps below to achieve a flapper smoky eye:

Step One: Concealer

You are first going to start out with your concealer. Blend it around the eyes until even and it matches the rest of your face. Once your concealer is blended, add a base eye shadow that matches your skin tone. 

Step Two: Dark Colors

Next, you are going to pick out your darkest eye color, preferably a black or dark brown. The most important part of this look is constant blending, so dip your brush into your darkest color and apply it to the edge of your eye. Then, gradually blend it to the middle. 

Step Three: Add Some Shimmer!

Next, use a shimmery dark shade that matches the darkest color you chose in step two. In my palette (Natural Beauty by Too Faced) my shadows are based with gold shimmer, but silver will work as well. Keep the shimmery color in the middle of the eyelid, but blend it slightly to the corner of the eye so it meshes with that darker color. If the different sections of the eye look choppy, blending is your friend.

Step Four: Smokeify it

Once it is blended to your satisfaction, you are going to dip your first shadow color (the darkest one from step one) onto your brush and line the waterline of your lower lashes with it. Using the shadow instead of liner gives this the smokey look we are going for. 

Step Five: Putting On The Finishing Touches

After that, use highlighter in the corner of your eyes and apply mascara as usual. I would pair this with a deep read lip to complete the look. Now, you’re ready for Halloween!

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