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I have always been a very extroverted person. Growing up, I wanted nothing more than to just be surrounded by people all the time. That could mean anyone from my best friends, my brother’s friends (that I annoyed,) or even the people my parents worked for. I just loved being surrounded by people.

With that being said, that means holidays for me are always going to be about spending it with human beings. Thanksgiving is the one holiday where I feel like I see the most people. That’s a huge reason why it’s my favorite holiday, but definitely not the only one.

Along with seeing all my loved ones, the food is to die for! Typically my grandmother is the one who cooks everything, and it’s the best. Nothing beats her stuffing and carrot cake. I am actually stepping away from my family’s festivities this year to be with my best friend’s family who previously lost a loved one in the summer, and I am in charge of the stuffing and carrot cake. I will be using my grandmother’s recipes, and I am so nervous. Please send me your good luck and cross your fingers that it turns out as great as hers!

Speaking of my best friend, her family has always included me in everything. My first Thanksgiving away from my family, we went to New York to spend it with her extended family and it was amazing! People I had never even met before still talk to me to this day, so Thanksgiving definitely gives me lots of good vibes and love.

Not to be totally cliche, but Blair Waldorf’s favorite holiday is also Thanksgiving. Being the overachieving brunette that I am, it only makes sense. My favorite episodes of Gossip Girl were always the Thanksgiving ones. You cannot beat the infamous song “Whatcha Say” while the whole cast is staring at one another in shock of how Serena van Der Woodsen disappointed them yet again. I am a total lover of drama, and it does not get more dramatic than Season 3’s Thanksgiving Episode.

The holidays are all about traditions, especially in my family. While it’s been hard to celebrate with me not being home, my brother also not being home, and just growing up in general, I still cherish them from when I was little. Thanksgiving Day was when my family started our Christmas decorating: my favorite holiday to decorate for. We did it all: the tree, the counters, the front door, we even had this creepy Santa Clause that every dog we have ever had HATES for some reason, but I love it.

I guess Thanksgiving is just one of those days where I feel warm inside. I’m a very visual person and I use colors to describe feelings, so when I think of Thanksgiving I think of red and orange, which are very warm colors. It makes me feel like I have everyone I need around me, which is true when you have family and friends as good as mine.

Oh, and since I am a retail fashion minor, let’s not forget about Black Friday! I absolutely love Black Friday. This is coming from someone who has a major shopping addiction, and someone who absolutely loves retail and is excited for all the sales I will have at work next week!

Happy Thanksgiving 2021 to those who celebrate!

Sophia Martin

South Carolina '22

Sophia is an Advertising major who loves writing, her dog Ryder, chai lattes, and writing content. She is beyond excited to see where she can lead the South Carolina chapter as president.
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