Recycling Bins in Dorms

As much as we hear about recycling and all the good it does for our planet, trying to make recycling bins a regular option in public places is an uphill battle. Everywhere we walk, drive, or shop, we see trash cans. Outside of certain areas, like our campus, for example, we rarely see recycling bins.

We have many recycling bins on campus; most of them are accompanied by trash cans. They can be found inside and around the main buildings on campus. However, most of the on-campus housing facilities do not have these recycle bins.

A few weeks ago, residents of my dorm started a petition to get recycling bins put in our facility near the trash chutes. Many students signed it. Nothing ever happened, and all the talk soon died down. But truthfully, it would be more beneficial for us to have those recycling bins in our dorm. For one, recycling is much better for the environment. But it might also make waste disposal easier and cleaner for students and staff alike.

Trash chutes and dumpsters, especially in dorms and apartment buildings, are constantly being over-packed with things like cardboard boxes and milk jugs. These items take up space in the trash areas and can make waste disposal more difficult, as dumpsters and trash cans overflow quicker. While most recycling bin items, like the boxes and jugs, are able to be disposed of in different bins, it can lead to a slower build-up of trash. This means that waste disposal in dorms will be much cleaner, considering that more of the trash will be in the dumpster and not sitting around it.

Along with the benefits for students, there are also environmental and economic benefits of using these recycling bins along with regular trash cans. By recycling, our school and students would be helping conserve natural resources, protect wildlife, and reduce waste that goes into landfills.

If we had more recycling bins as a regular method of waste disposal, we would be helping not only ourselves but also the world that we live in. It would make dorms cleaner and decrease the number of times dumpsters and trash chutes have to be emptied. It would be much better for the earth.

The waste disposal habits of one university do not have the power to change the world or reverse the effects of bad trash removal habits. It will truthfully only make a small dent in the whole problem of landfills and damaged ecosystems. Regardless, even a small fraction of help still helps, and will benefit the students and the university a lot!