Podcasts Every College Girl Needs

Hey guys, today’s post is about podcasts for college girls. Podcasts are great because they can expand your brain, inspire, or make you laugh on the go. One of my favorite things is that you don’t have to pay to listen, and podcasts allow you to multitask while listening, unlike a watching a TedTalk on YouTube. Without further adieu, here is my list of some of the best podcasts for college girls.


  1. 1. Approachable   

    This podcast by two close friends, Samantha Ravndahl and Alyssa Anderson is an incredibly honest talk about their life experiences. They talk about mental health, drunk stories, dreams, love, friendships and everything in between. The conversation feels casual and when I listen to it, I feel like I have been friends with these girls for years. I highly recommend this one. 


  2. 2. Women Who Travel   

    Calling all my ladies with the travel bug! This podcast is produced by Conde Nast Traveler with Lale Arikoglu and Meredith Carey as the hosts. Women Who Travel is all about the “realities of traveling as a woman today” which is done by speaking about personal travel stories or giving advice. This podcast transforms you into vacation mode and can inspire you when planning your next trip! 


  3. 3. Stuff You Should Know   

    This podcast is hosted by Josh and Chuck from iHeartRadio and HowStuffWorks. This podcast is great for the curious minds who are always wanting to learn something new. Stuff You Should Know covers bee-keeping, government shutdowns, photographic memory, how trampolines work and more. 


  4. 4. Gals on The Go   

    Created by PodcastOne and hosted by students Danielle Carolan and Brooke Miccio is an entertaining podcast that also offers college tips as well as general life advice. These girls often interview other influencers, college students and professionals about finding your passion, dating, spring break plans, and beauty routines. 


  5. 5. Crime Junkie   

    Crime Junkie has been highly rated among several bloggers, and you will have no trouble finding it, as it is usually on the front page of every streaming service. Crime Junkie is produced by Audiochuck and hosted by Ashley Flowers, with her co-host Brit Prawat. These women tell stories about crimes in an intriguing and suspenseful way and after one listen to their podcast, you will be hooked. 


  6. 6. Off Campus   

    Betches Media created this podcast with recent graduates Taylor Jackson and Abby Lloyd as the hosts. These ladies “spill the tea” about everything college. They use their Instagram accounts to take polls and ask anonymous questions that allow podcast listeners to confess their roommate horror stories, walk of shame moments and other gossip. They then use the podcast to share these stories that the listeners contributed as well as their own stories and advice. This podcast is very funny and relatable for many college girls. 


  7. 7. Pocket Full of Positivity

    This podcast is by our very own Gamecocks Prerana, Shelby, Erin, and Lexi. Pocket Full of Positivity is produced by Garnet Media Group here on campus. This podcast is great to listen to because it talks about how to be successful in college, pop culture, and reminds listeners to remain positive. I love the personal connection I feel from this podcast when they interview University of South Carolina athletes and talk about spots on campus.   


  8. 8. Kalyn’s Coffee Talk  

    Kalyn’s podcast is all about being your best self. She calls this “Kalyn’s Coffee Talk” which is fitting because it feels like you are sitting at coffee with a mentor who is constantly lifting you up. She encourages you to stick up for yourself, learn to forgive, embrace your inner self, and teaches other ways to take care of yourself. 


  9. 9. Pretty Basic   

    Hosted by best friends Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz and produced by Ramble, Pretty Basic welcomes you in as one of them. They talk about their boy problems, biggest struggles, Coachella stories, and their confidence-boosting advice. This podcast is pretty light and funny. 


  10. 10. College Life Podcast   

    The College Life Podcast is produced by Alicia Sepulveda. She spends a lot of the episodes motivating college students academically as well as with their lifestyle. She gives advice about how to make friends in college, how to form a routine, how to recover from academic probation and how to apply for graduate school! This podcast is perfect for making sure that you are focused on achieving your goals, which can be especially tough academically. I love this podcast as a freshman because it really outlines how to be successful in college. 


Happy Listening!

Meghan Keeler