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Pineapple Jack O’ Lanterns Are Everything

Maybe you aren’t ready to let go of summer or maybe you’re obsessed with the pineapple trend, but either way you’re totally going to be down for this summer-ween mix. Carving pineapples doesn’t mean you have to ditch the PSL lifestyle you devote yourself to when the temperature drops, but adding a pina-colada vibe to the fall mix definitely doesn’t hurt. String up the orange lights, deck the halls with cobwebs, bring us a tropical drink with a slice of pineapple, and we’ll be golden!

Can your Instagram really be complete until you have a pineapple jack o’ lantern on it? 

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Katie Kinslow

South Carolina

Communicator, award-winning time waster, avid Cheez-it eater, Pinterest zombie, Halloween enthusiast, passionate writer, and shopoholic who probably needs professional help. 
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