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Next Up with the News, Khadijah Dennis

This week’s Campus Celebrity is Khadijah Dennis. A junior, broadcast journalism major here at USC, Khadijah is driven and ready to take the world by storm. Not only does Khadijah spend her days preparing for her future career in the world of journalism, she is also the founder of her own movement, The Conqueror Movement. Busy with everything that she can fit in a 24-hour day, it may be hard to catch Khadijah during her “free time”, but I was able to get her to answer some questions, and it is easy to see that she is an amazing person that is destined for great things in life!

1. Can you please describe the purpose and goal of your movement?

    The purpose of The Conqueror Movement is to expand the level of conversations among young adults about local and international events. The goal is to hopefully change the perspective on what exactly news is in relations to mass communications, providing a small platform to grow and share thoughts outside of the story that will hopefully evoke change or inspiration.


2. What is your role in SGTV?

    ​With Student Gamecock Television, I serve as the Public Relations manager and a Producer for a video-game show, High Score Headquarters. With PR, I have a big job in trying to market SGTV to the student body and really promoting what we do within the station to the general public. This is my third-year as a producer, and I've learned so much from the people that I've worked with. It's my job to give whatever show I'm a part of that creative direction, as well as leading my staff in the right direction and building a relationship with them.


3. Are you involved with anything else on campus?

Yes I am! I am a part of this wonderful group of spoken word poets called "First Word Epiphany", which is an eclectic group of artists pretty much finding their own voices and using their gift to not only entertain, but to teach and inspire. I'm also a big part of The Impact Movement, which is a Christian organization on campus whose mission is to bring the truth of Jesus Christ to the campus, community, and world by producing leaders of African descent who are spiritually focused, financially responsible, and morally fit.

4. How do you balance school and everything else you are doing?

That is a great question! I am still learning, but what I've been told often is that you have to remember that at the end of the day, you are only human. I've been advised by multiple peers to just take a list of 3 goals I want to accomplish each day, and to really put forth my all into making sure that happens. Sometimes, I feel the need to do EVERYTHING because it's either expected of me, or it's something I want to take on, but I have to step back and really figure out what needs me now, and what can actually afford to wait another day. Also, just sticking with what you're passionate about. I went from being an active part of 6 different organizations to 3 in the course of 3 years, so it's definitely a learning process.


5. Do you see yourself being a real celebrity one day?

I see myself making a positive influence on people. Whether that is to a mass audience, I'm not really sure, but I can only hope so! 


6. What are your career goals?

I really want to contribute my works throughout the field of mass communications through news and production. Eventually, I'd love to branch out from just working at a broadcast station to focusing on The Conqueror Movement, which is a different kind of communications platform that I feel people, especially in rural communities, would benefit a lot from. 


7. Tell me something that most people don't know about you.

I used to do a lot of songwriting - which led me to wanting to pursue a career in music and becoming a professional singer. Now, my gift of writing and communications has led me in a different path, but you still may hear a tune, or two (lol).


8. What is your favorite thing to do in your free time (if you ever have any)?

When I am occasionally blessed with free time, I really love to blog! I have an active one that I use to mostly talk about national or community news (storytelleroftruth.tumblr.com), and my guilty pleasure is also Scandal!


9. What advice would you give someone who wanted to start their own group or movement?

Honestly, just do it! Figure out what you want to create, and what makes it different from other groups or movements that are already in existence. Take time out to learn from others, consistently. Ask questions. Create goals for yourself for each year and stick to making those goals happen.

10. Who is your biggest inspiration?My mother. She is such a strong individual, but she's also very loving and very giving of her time and energy. She has so much that I hope to embody. She pushes me to be my best self.

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