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This is the New App Everyone is Loving

Millennials are always finding new ways to keep in touch. Think about it, there’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn for keeping up to date with you professional network. Oh, and of course we can’t forget Snapchat. Without Snapchat how would you know what Kelsey—your friend for a brief stint in grade school—was up to?

But all of those outlets only offer you an environment to text, tweet or message for seconds at a time. What if there was an app that allowed you to attend a virtual party, so to speak? Imagine an app that simulated a party where people enter a house and move from room to room, talking to all of their friends.

Is this what our lives are missing? Think about it: how cool would it be to go to a party and chill with your friends without ever leaving your house?

Well lucky for you, there is an app that does just that! HouseParty, which was released on the App Store in February, is already making waves.

This app is a go-to for when it comes to planning the night because it allows you to virtually chat with friends spontaneously.

Ok, we know what you’re thinking: Hmm. It sort of sounds very similar to video chat. But unlike video chatting, HouseParty allows up to eight people to chat at once. And because it’s completely spontaneous, whoever is friends with you on the app gets a notification when you’re on, giving them the decision to join the “house party.”

One of the coolest aspects of this app is that it doesn’t link up to your other social sites. Its creators wanted users to feel like they’re building their own network from the app as they use it. Kimberly Kalb, who heads up the app’s marketing team, stressed how HouseParty lets a user be his or her “real self.” “You’re being super authentic, which is a side of people not all apps allow users to express.” she says.

Although this app wasn’t created with just college students in mind, it definitely comes in handy. Whether you’re just hanging out in your room, or trying to stay in touch with friends who are studying abroad, HouseParty lets you stay connected with everyone.

Junior pharmacy major Courtney Leverett likes to use HouseParty to keep in touch with her friends from high school. When asked about the app she said, “It’s honestly just really convenient. And it’s so easy to use. Plus, it’s good quality which is awesome!”

So next time your group text or GroupMe is blowing up with pictures of people’s outfits for the night, why not suggest switching to HouseParty. That way, you guys can see each other’s outfits in real time and offer your honest, in the moment opinion.

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Lexi Hill

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Lexi is a senior at the University of South Carolina studying multimedia journalism. After graduation, she hopes to move to the city where she can pursue a creative career and grow old with her pet pug.
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