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My Little Tips and Tricks on Staying Productive

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at South Carolina chapter.

In today’s fast-paced world, staying focused can be difficult. Let’s explore some techniques to help you maximize your productivity and accomplish more! Whether you’re tackling work tasks or class projects, these strategies will help you stay motivated and on track to finishing your to-do list.

5 Minute Rule

  • Tell yourself to do something for only 5 minutes! While 5 minutes don’t seem like much time, you’ll often get more done than you would’ve if you never started at all. And sometimes, once you get going, you’ll find yourself in a productive flow and will continue going longer.  Remember, the hardest part is always starting, so just commit to “only 5 minutes.”


  • Setting a timer allows me to better gauge how much time I actually have and ensures I never lose track of time. When you don’t set a timer, our minds can often under or overestimate the amount of time you actually have till your next obligation, leading to procrastination or running late. By setting a timer, I can accurately allocate time for tasks and avoid being late for my next obligation.

Time Blocking

  • Whether it is Google Calendar, Outlook, or any other scheduling tool, try to implement time blocks. Blocking out dedicated time slots for specific tasks you need to get done can allow you to work without interruptions and be focused. I think this is especially helpful in the workplace, so you can prevent last minute meeting requests. 

Do Things with Others

  • Try making plans with other people whenever possible. Doing activities, especially those that you look least forward to, with other people can make it seem more enjoyable or interesting. To be honest, I often can’t keep myself accountable when it comes to going to the gym consistently. That’s why activities like going to the gym or doing workout class with friends makes it less likely for you to cancel.
Avona Le

South Carolina '25

Hi! I'm the Editor in Chief at the Her Campus at South Carolina chapter. I oversee all articles published by our chapter and even write some of my own! I'm currently a junior at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, majoring in Marketing and Finance with a concentration in Business Analytics. I want to pursue a career in marketing analytics or market research. In my free time, I love to try new restaurants, hang with friends and go on walks. I am always down to catch an amazing view of the sun or the stars!