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I am definitely one of those people who cannot study in their rooms because I’ll get distracted by my dog, or by an outfit that I think is cute and have to try on then and there. I’ll even convince myself that watching The Vampire Diaries is a good idea while trying to study. I guess I owe that to being a college student + my ADHD. Studying at a coffee shop isn’t always fun and games because I get too hyped on coffee. Studying on campus, however, allows me to enjoy this lovely university of ours while also getting my work done.

  1. Spot number one is in the journalism school. This can be inside or outside, preferably outside when it’s nice. This is my home, since I am an advertising major, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get to class super early in order to enjoy the fresh air right outside. The sun also loves the journalism school so the lighting is almost always perfect. I will admit that it isn’t always quiet, and there is always a bus or traffic in general on Sumter Street, but I tend to pay attention more when I have outside distractions rather than my own distractions. Inside is very lovely as well, but it isn’t always easy finding a spot. Along with all of that, there’s the rooftop patio. Once you find that perfect spot, the hours go by so fast.
  2. My second favorite spot is in the Arnold School of Public Health. As a freshman, I was an exercise science major and got everywhere ridiculously early so I really got to learn the architecture surrounding the public health building. Despite the extra-squeaky chairs and the floors that will let you know immediately if your shoes have any water on them, it’s pretty nice to chill there and just do some homework. I did most of my assignments there my freshman year, and I miss having classes in the building for that exact reason.
  3. I think this goes without saying, but it’s also not really the nicest weather for this spot quite yet. The Horseshoe is so relaxing. Studying on the grass with a lovely blanket in a picnic-style setting is one of the cutest ways to study. It also makes for a very aesthetic Instagram study pic, so that’s a plus. Also, you’ll probably be able to pet somebody’s dog so that’s yet another plus. I love the Horseshoe and wish it would warm up just a little more so that I could relax and enjoy the sun, while typing away at an essay. It’s a very bittersweet place because as I study for some of my last classes, I see high schoolers touring the place they’ll spend the next four years of their lives.
  4. Not only is Cool Beans on campus, but its drinks are absolutely amazing. Cool Beans is one of my go-to spots because I know I am always going to find a spot to study. I meet lots of amazing friends while at Cool Beans too, so it’s a nice way to meet new people. This cute coffee shop offers the perfect cozy vibe for you to study, and their menu has something for everyone.
  5. I think this one is fairly obvious, but it’s almost always quiet inside the library so it really isn’t all that bad. Thomas Cooper Library is where you can be in the same atmosphere with those who are also trying to study. I recommend this to anyone who feeds off of energy and vibes, because you’re not going to TCoop to party (hopefully). I personally find it a little too quiet sometimes and hate the sounds of my own breathing, so make sure you bring some AirPods along with you!
Sophia Martin

South Carolina '22

Sophia is the current President for Her Campus South Carolina, something she is very excited for. She is a lover of animals, The Vampire Diaries, Walt Disney World, and one of the biggest extroverts you will come across.
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