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Name: Michael Fields

Hometown: Forest Acres, South Carolina

Year: Sophomore

Age:  21

Major: Business

Relationship status:  Single

Activities & Organizations: Boss at Marble Slab Creamery

Favorite Holiday:  Christmas, mainly for the sweaters

Guilty Pleasure:  Dance Dance Revolution, my AIM screen name in middle school used to be DDRKing

Future fantasy: I would love to own a resort on a private island.

Best Pick Up Line: I’ll let my eyes do the talking ;)

First thing you notice about a girl: Eyes

Most embarrassing moment: I was at one of my brother’s college football games, and my friend and I were throwing a football around at the practice field. I missed the catch, so the ball went down this steep hill that was behind me. I ran down the hill to get it and I fell and started tumbling down the hill and banged up my leg pretty bad. I ended up having to go to the athletic trainer to get it wrapped up, and both teams saw my tumble.

Favorite Place on Campus: The clapping circle; it gets me every time.

Favorite Movie: Wreck it Ralph… I’m secretly 12 years old.

Who is your celebrity crush? Ariana Grande.

What’s something interesting about you that no one else knows? That’s hard to answer, because I’m such an open book.  I’m open about the unimportant things but pretty private about everything else.

Best advice you’ve ever gotten? “Fear none, respect few.”


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Gillian Kerner

South Carolina

Sophomore at the real USC (go cocks). Media Arts/Advertising Major. I like pretending I'm a southerner (shoutout to the 203), leftovers and getting favorites on my tweets. Yeah, I said what you secretly think.
Sophomore international business and marketing major at the University of South Carolina. Originally from New Jersey
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