Meet Her Campus SC's New President, Becca Brennan

After being involved with Her Campus for two years, Becca Brennan has flourished into her leadership role as president for the University of South Carolina chapter. With a new year ahead of her, she has big plans to make an impact on her campus and for Her Campus. 

HCSC: What year are you and what is your major?

Becca Brennan: I am a senior Multimedia Journalism student.

HCSC: What are your plans after you graduate?

BB: That’s the million dollar question right now. There are a lot of options for communications majors, and I’d love the chance to have my hand in a lot of different things. Maybe I’ll work for an online media publication, or spend time in a newsroom, but overall, I hope it’s something I enjoy!

HCSC: When did you first become involved with Her Campus?

BB: I started out as a photography team member for Her Campus my sophomore year at USC. I remember I was looking for something outside of my sorority to get involved in, especially something that could potentially help me prepare for a job after graduation. One of my roommate’s friends told her about HCSC, and when my roommate told me, I thought it would be something to look into.

HCSC: What brought you to become the president of the South Carolina chapter?

BB: I had no intention of becoming the president when I first started out. It wasn’t until last year when I was at a tabling event with some other members of our exec team that someone suggested I should do it. I was serving as the director of recruitment at the time, and a few of us were wondering who would take over after our former president, Lexi Hill, graduated in May. When one of the girls told me she thought I would be a good fit, I started thinking about it more.

HCSC: How do you think having a leadership role with Her Campus will help you in the future?

BB: I am very excited about the opportunities the organization will give me. I think networking is a huge part of a career in communications and working with people around Columbia will give me experience that you can’t find in a classroom. Getting to work alongside so many talented women and lead them throughout this year presents new challenges that I’m excited to encounter.

HCSC: What are you most excited about this year?

BB: I am most excited about the new ideas we have for our content and events. This year’s team is so energetic and our members are constantly looking for new ways to bring events to campus! Our exec team is almost entirely in new roles (myself included), and I think that puts us in a unique and powerful position to help the organization thrive with fresh ideas.

HCSC: Why would you encourage girls to become involved with Her Campus?

BB: HCSC has been such a great opportunity for me because I have honed my skills as not only a leader but also as a writer. This group of women works hard to put out content every week, host fun events and inform women on campus. Our team is diverse and unique, valuing all sorts of ideas because we want our content to reach as many people as possible. How boring would it be if we were all exactly the same?

HCSC: What’s your all-time favorite Netflix movie/show? Why?

BB: I absolutely love One Tree Hill. Maybe it’s because I grew up in North Carolina and have visited the beaches where the show was filmed, but there’s something about the high school drama that makes me rewatch it over and over. Fun fact: I actually spent a family vacation in Dan Scott’s beach house that is featured in the early seasons of the show, in addition to visiting all the other sites around Wilmington. I was fangirling the whole time!

HCSC: Favorite breakfast item?

BB: Bacon. Because you can put it on anything and it becomes instantly better.

We know Becca is going to kill it as prez this year! YGG!