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Meet HCSC’s Alexis Keels

Alexis Keels

Major: Visual Communications

Alexis is much more than your average freshman Visual Communications major. She’s a small town girl with big dreams! She grew up in Edgefield, SC with her parents and four sisters, and she hopes to work in advertisement and graphic design after graduation.

Alexis is super involved on campus and is a part of many fantastic groups. In addition to being an irreplaceable member at Her Campus South Carolina, she is a faithful girl and a proud member of the Carolina Campus Advance student ministry group. Alexis is also a member of Carolina Callers, the student group that keeps in touch with Carolina’s alumni.

In her free time, Alexis loves to sing. She is really into musical theater, and she is obsessed with doing acoustic covers and playing the piano. She finds free time to spend with other loves—photography and her boyfriend. When asked to describe their relationship, she said they’re one of those “Velcro” couples that are together all weekend. So cute!

Annika is a freshman public relations major at the University of South Carolina who is obsessed with mac and cheese and hard boiled eggs. There is literally no in between. She can be found either binge watching Game of Thrones or looking up kitten pictures to obsess over. In her spare time (lol) she is an active member of Pi Beta Phi and causes mayham wherever she goes. Yes, she really is holding a toy dragon in her picture becuase her idol is Daenerys Targaryen of Game of Thrones, and she thought she would be cool if she dressed like her for Halloweek. For any questions, comments, or kitten pictures, feel free to email her at [email protected]
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