Local Staples for Summery Bites

Here’s a compiled list of 8 of our favorite places to go with the warm weather rolling around. Whether you want a small plate, fresh salad, or to satisfy your sweet tooth, we're sure you’ll find something for you on this list. 


  1. 1. The Gourmet Shop

    For several of us, this was one of the first local places we tried in Columbia, and we fell in love with immediately. With its breezy outdoor patio that overlooks Five Points, fresh fruit salad paired with a mimosa never disappoints.

  2. 2. College Grounds Cafe

     Enjoy this picture that I took of the Strawberry, Walnut, and Spinach salad with a strawberry vinaigrette dressing (hey #3 wait your turn). As much as it pained me to be the girl who Instagrams her food, it pained me, even more, to not preserve this beauty because I promise you it was gone in sub-5 minutes. 

  3. 3. Southern Squeezed

    Making its own little feature in the photo at College Grounds, Southern Squeezed prides itself in its all-natural, clean ingredients. The lemonade can quench your thirst in any weather, but we have a feeling it hits just right on a summery day. 


  4. 4. Crêpes & Croissants

    Depending on what mood you’re in, you could stick with a savory crepe or a sweet croissant with all the fillings you could imagine. Not too much food for brunch, but just the right amount to tide you over without feeling too full.


  5. 5. Soda City Market

    Although not a restaurant, Soda City can fulfill all of your food needs from produce and groceries to pre-made meals from their reputable vendors. Shutting down Main Street every Saturday, there’s no way to miss it. 

  6. 6. Sweet Cream Co.

    Ice cream and gelato…in South Carolina…when it’s hot out…need we say more?

  7. 7. Poke Bros.

    With either a rice or salad base, plus customizable ingredients, Poke is becoming all of the rage for fresh meals. 

  8. 8. smallSUGAR

    The avocado toast here could probably have one of our first born children and that's all we are gonna say on that. 


With all these food spots, the options are endless. So go out there and EAT!