Ideas for a Memorable Date in Columbia

Columbia is a city full of hidden gems, and though I’ve only been here a little over a year, I think I can say that I’ve found some cool spots worth mentioning in that time. With many destinationless drives up and down these streets, I have discovered a few places that I consider to be pretty cute spots for a date with the good old SO. If you’re looking for some cool date ideas to inspire your next day in Cola with your boyfriend, girlfriend, cat, or other, here’s my short list of 5 of the best dating ideas you can make a reality in Columbia, SC.

  1. 1. Paint Date with a View

    Many times, I find the best dates not to be about being entertained by material things, but about sharing your talents and experiences with one another. If you’re creative in any way, as in want to show off your stick figure skills, consider a nice paint day at one of the picturesque locations across town. A personal favorite of mine is the Columbia Riverfront Park. Some other cool ideas would be The Horseshoe or Lake Murray.

  2. 2. Mystery Art Gallery

    Sandwiched between Gentleman's Closet and Loose Lucy’s, there’s a little unnamed building that has some very fun things. Sounds sketchy? Well, that’s fair enough. But that’s what makes this place all the more fun. This building serves as a sort of collective art gallery for young artists to work and show off their art. Inside there are paintings, sculptures, showcases and more. And on some weekends, there is an indie flea market in the back. They sell anything from vintage records to trendy clothes. When I went, I got two adorable tops, worthy of 60 dollars on Depop, for $2 and $5 dollars. My mind was blown. This place feels like a well kept secret, one that you should definitely let your SO in on.

  3. 3. The Gourmet Shop

    If you’re looking to spend some money on a nice lunch, this is the place to go. With things on the menu like cheese boards (charcuterie?), French clubs, foamy cappuccinos, and more, this place is so cute and yummy. It definitely feels like a little french getaway in the middle of South Carolina.

  4. 4. Soda City

    Ok, so this date idea isn’t super unique, but it’s still so fun. Let your significant other treat you to a fresh bouquet of local flowers or a giant pint of lemonade on any Saturday morning of the month. This is such a fun way to spend a morning! And there are plenty of different vendors and shops for you to choose from. From curated thrifted clothes, coffee shops, fresh produce, and more, there’s always something to do at Soda City.

  5. 5. Thrifting

    This is such a fun and sustainable way to shop and a fun dating idea. Falling in love and saving the planet? What a perfect way to spend your time. You can even make things interesting by picking out each other's outfits or doing a photoshoot. I recommend Sunshine Thrift or one of the many Goodwills across town.

Hope you and your significant other can have the perfect day in Columbia!