I Tried Self Tanning Towelettes for Spring Break

Self tannning at home is DAUNTING. It can spark fear in even the most confident people. But it is so much better than going to a tanning bed, and it's way cheaper than getting it professionally done, so if you can find a good brand it's a great option. Well, I tried out the Loreal Sublime Bronze tanning towelettes, and they were suprisingly great!

The tanning towelettes can be found at most drug stores for around $10. They’re packaged in little gold boxes with single-use towelettes inside, all in a buildable shade called “Medium Natural Tan.” The great thing about them is you can go as dark as you want just by applying more product.

When I landed in Cancun, the plan was to go straigh to the beach, so I took out my towelettes to try them for the first time. I noticed the box said they were streak-free, but as most avid-self-tanners know, this does not always hold true.

To my surprise, the towelettes gave me a pretty even tan. I used one towelette for my legs and arms and applied it in small, circular motions to be sure I didn’t miss any spots and the color looked uniform.

I also liked that the towelettes didn’t smell too strong and were easy to apply and dispose of. However, I did notice that if I applied too much product the color came out a little bit more orange than I preferred. So, when you use your towelettes, be careful to not over-apply!

Overall, this was a great product for traveling. It was the perfect tool to touch up my tan and build it to a darker shade! 

If you want to try them out you can get them online at Target for $9.99.