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It’s easy to say that losing friends is a part of life or that it’s normal to grow apart. However, nothing will prepare you for how much it will shatter you. It’s painful to lose people in your life, who you believed were there to stay. Despite how upsetting it is, losing friends is inevitable and sometimes it is necessary. Below, I break down a few signs that it is time to end the friendship.

  1. The Connection is No Longer There 

We like to believe that our friendships will last a lifetime and nothing would ever tear that bond apart. However, as humans, we are meant to grow and change. When you guys hang out, and the jokes and laughter are suddenly replaced with a new feeling of tension or awkwardness, this is a sign that you guys are no longer connecting at the same level.

  1. Toxic Energy 

Your friends are supposed to be one of your biggest supporters. Friends who make you doubt yourself or feel insecure are not real friends. You don’t need that sort of toxic energy in your life. Sometimes their manipulation or toxicity is low-key, and you might not recognize it right away, but those small comments and tiny acts of disrespect that might seem insignificant right now could be major red flags.

  1. They Don’t Make Time For You Anymore 

Life can get busy, especially after starting college or a new job, but making time for the people you love shouldn’t be such a hassle. If they wanted to spend time with you, they would put in the effort to do so, which leads me to my next point… 

  1. You’re The Only One Putting In All the Effort 

In any relationship it should be balanced and a two-way street. If you’re the only one consistently starting the conversation first and trying to make plans, they no longer care. Don’t waste your time on someone who fails to appreciate you. 

  1. They Dismiss or Ignore Your Concerns

When you choose to bring up your concerns to them about their behavior and they completely disregard it, they aren’t real friends. Friends should never make you feel like your emotions are invalid.

I hope this article will help you reflect on some of your previous and current friendships. Everyone deserves true and genuine connections that don’t make them feel difficult to love. And I promise you, there are people out there who truly care for you, you’re never alone.

Avona Le

South Carolina '25

Hi! I am a pre-business undergraduate at the University of South Carolina! In my free time, I love to read, watch soccer, and go on walks. I am always down to catch an amazing view of the sun or the stars!
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